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Ghosts and Pirates – New Ways To Play Armada – Seas Of Dread Supplement

27th Apr 2023

Jonny Mann

Hey, Jonny here with some spooky and bountiful news! 

Tomorrow a new supplement book for Armada goes up for Pre-Order on the Mantic Webstore, Seas Of Dread.

This new book contains plenty of great new features such as:

  • FAQ & Errata
  • The Trident Realm Background
  • Sea Monsters
  • Interactive Terrain
  • Multi-Player Games
  • New Game Modes
  • New Scenarios
  • Ghost Fleets
  • Pirate Fleets

We will have more detail on some of those other points tomorrow and over the coming weeks, however, as the title suggests, today we are talking about Ghost and Pirate fleets!


Because we AARGGHH!

Ghost Fleets

With fierce naval battles raging across every inch of open water in Pannithor it’s easy to imagine that there are a mighty lot of ships down at the bottom of the ocean but what about those that are risen a new?

There was once a time when ghost ships were a mercifully rare sight on Pannithor’s oceans. Entire crews, cursed by dark arts, taking to the seas by the light of a full moon to mindlessly continue whatever duty they undertook in life. All that seems to have changed. Since the opening of Halpi’s Rift, when unnatural magic flooded across the land and sea, the dead do not rest easy. Some say the rumoured return of Morgoth has something to do with the new terror that glides silently across the oceans, preying upon the living.

Time was that a lone, ghostly hulk was sufficient to cause for alarm on a dark and misty night at sea. Nowadays, however, those ghost ships are often accompanied by entire flotillas of spectral sloops and brigs, wailing with the cries of the damned.

Ghost Fleets are constructed in the same way as a normal fleet, using the ship’s profiles and upgrades detailed in the Seas Of Dread book. You may use ship models from any other fleet in the Mantic range to represent your ghastly ghost vessels – with a little modelling flair and a spooky paint job, ships can look very different indeed. We have plenty of staff already stocking up on white and green paints and the white tablecloths from the kitchen has mysteriously vanished. Watch this space for lots of staff Ghost and Pirate fleets very soon!

Both the Ghost and Pirate fleets have access to the generic standard and magical upgrades available to all fleets as well as some uniquely designed for each new fleet, such as the aptly named “Fury Of The Damned”, which is pretty damned tasty!

Pirate Fleets

The oceans and waterways of Pannithor are vast and untamed. As much as the lords of Basilea, Elvenholme, the Three Kings, and even Ophidia patrol the seas, the truth is that any fat-bellied merchant vessel plying the trade routes of Mantica and beyond are targets for the most feared, merciless, scurvy seadogs ever to sail beneath a black flag:


Pirates invariably steal their ships. Very few have the resources to have a vessel built, and there are barely any shipyards willing or able to work for pirates, therefore, as with Ghost fleets, players may use ship models from any other Fleet to represent the pirate’s vessels.

As well as unique upgrades pirates have some rather fitting fleet special rules, where would a pirate be without his Jolly Roger?

Martin set sail on his voyage to becoming Mantic’s self-proclaimed Pirate King ahead of the rest of us and has already put together this great fleet! Watch the video below to see how he commandeered and painted these ships.

Check back in tomorrow when not only will we have some more news on what to expect in the new Seas Of Dread book but you will also be able to Pre-Order it and lots of other monstrous new additions to the game!