Beasts of War’s latest Dwarf King’s Hold video and Mantic’s Orc week neatly coincide today with Jake Thornton going over the design choices and decisions going into the races of Dwarf King’s Hold: Green Menace, which is happily Orcs and Elves.


Jake talks about the Orc’s Green Rage and the Elves ability to dodge attacks, and how both races play very differently not only to each other, but also to the races of Dead Rising (all 4 races of which can be picked up in our Dwarf King’s Hold: Game Bundle).


There’s a whole heap of content in this video, far too much to talk about, so head over to Beasts of War, give the video a watch and then come back here for more from Orc Week and for your copy of the Game Bundle (Free Dwarf Driller and exclusive game scenario and all!) – Jake’s blog is a good read ( and deserved of a place in your bookmarks too.

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