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Halo: Flashpoint – First Reveals

3rd Mar 2024

Dan Mapleston

It’s time for an early peek at the first few miniatures from a (very) hotly-anticipated title coming later this year…

Coming to retail in Fall 2024, Halo: Flashpoint is the new tabletop miniatures game set in the Halo universe.

At Mantic, we’ve had 12 years experience in designing great futuristic skirmish experiences, so you can look forward to a dynamic game that rewards tactical thinking, encourages bold playstyles, and creates awesome cinematic moments that authentically reflect the very best of the Halo universe.

As well as being perfect for seasoned tabletop fans, this will also be a brilliant game to welcome first-time miniature gamers – filled with incredible pre-assembled plastic miniatures and pre-coloured easy-assembly terrain!

You and your opponent will be taking command of highly-trained Spartan fireteams that clash against each other using combat tactics and iconic weapons from the Halo universe.

Once you’ve both mastered your battle strategies, you’ll be prepared for the dangerous foes and fresh conflicts waiting just over the horizon…

The Halo: Flashpoint website launches with full information in late March 2024, and we’ll have the first game demos debuting exclusively at Adepticon 2024 – so make sure to drop by the Mantic Games booth!

In the meantime, Halo fans can sign up HERE for news and previews.