We know and appreciate that some people have some questions about customer service and dispatch for the Walking Dead Kickstarter. We’ve been working hard to ensure that the delivery and support for TWD will be superior to everything we’ve done before.

The initiatives we are putting in place now and over the coming months will give us, and you, the confidence in our ability to get it right …from the initial planning, to it arriving on your doorstep in perfect order –with nothing missing at the first time of asking!

We’ve highlighted here some of the changes we have already made…

TWD Kickstarter Dispatch

Our watchword for this is simplicity. We are making things super-simple so that mis-packs and missing items are minimal or even non-existent. To start with, all Kickstarter backers of the Something to Fear pledge get one single box in wave one shipping. Every box is the same – one of our cool Collector’s boxes (look out for more information on these very sexy boxes soon), stuffed full of goodies. Every box we are doing, from the Kickstarter versions, through to the retail game and boosters, will have component tray layouts planned and implemented in the factory to ensure all contents are accurate and complete. This a huge step forward from the brown cardboard boxes we for the Dungeon Saga pledge extras – it’ll be harder to mispack it than it will to get it right!


Wave 2 shipping, which will include add-ons from the kickstarter will also be simplified. Everything will be “trayed” and pre-boxed in the same way and our picking line will be in single figures. Thus, at every step we will be cutting out the risk of mis-packs or mis-picks to ensure we meet Ronnie’s edict of Right First Time!

Customer Service

As recently reported, Zak and his customer service team are now working on Freshdesk, our new customer services portal. From here you can raise new ticket types and can revisit at any time to see progress on your query. This now combines both general queries and missing items for both web orders and kickstarters. This means we have funnelled the number of channels customers can contact us through to ensure we can manage them more efficiently and effectively in a single place.

Of course, the guys still have messages from the previous queues to process and Zak has been doing an excellent job of organising and getting through them. To show this is in progress, we took this picture just now in the warehouse – sacks of Black Fortress follow-on orders ready to ship to Dungeon Saga backers!


The Mantic Freshdesk will also fill out with an FAQ for common questions we get. The outlook for customer service is looking bright.

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