As any Kings of War player will tell you, either movement trays or multi-bases are a must. Unless, you want to move sixty zombies one model at a time for each turn of your game. A while ago, we released some mdf movement trays to help you out. Those went down so well that we’ve decided to put them into hard plastic!


Each of these new movement trays is large enough to hold 40 infantry (or 20 cavalry) and is pre-cut to be easily broken down into troops and regiments. You can use them interchangeably between models, or glue your models down to the tray permanently.KW-movement-tray

In addition, the underside of each tray is lightly textured as soil. This means that you can flip the tray upside down and use as a multi-base instead, gluing your models down permanently and painting up the texture area as earth, rocks or whatever your soldiers are standing in.KW-movement-tray-brocks

This means that you can either make use of these trays as permanent, diorama-style multi-bases or trays for individually based models! Each set contains four Horde size trays, for either 20mm square bases or 25mm square bases. The 25mm trays can also be used to hold cavalry models.

Assemble your armies, ranks and regiments for war – pre-order your trays now!

The Kings of War Large Movement Tray Pack and Small Movement Tray Pack are available to pre-order now and will be shipping from the 22nd August.

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