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Here’s Negan – Survivor Card Sneak Peek

28th Nov 2018

Rob Burman

Hey everyone – the launch of Here’s Negan is almost upon. It will be available in stores and shipping from the Mantic website from December 3rd – which means you’ve only got a few days left to pre-order your copy and receive the limited edition All Out War character cards for Negan and his lieutenants. These cards will allow you to use Negan and his crew as playable characters in All Out War, alongside Here’s Negan: The Board Game. So, let’s take a closer look at the cards and what abilities they give to each character.


Well, there’s really only one place to start, isn’t there? Along with the lieutenant cards, you’ll also receive a brand new card for Negan! This new version of Negan works perfectly with his lieutenants, thanks to his Leader Ability: Impress Me!

A little like Here’s Negan: The Board, each time a lieutenant impresses Negan, they’re rewarded. In the board game they receive Reputation Points but in All Out War they get extra red dice that can be used at any time – perfect for taking out tough opponents or making key defense rolls.


Before his run in with the iron, Dwight was quite the looker! In All Out War, he’s got the potential to Run without causing Noise. This could certainly come in handy for reaching supply counters nice and early.

And you’re certainly going to want to grab those supply counters, because Dwight can Impress Negan by giving him any items or supplies during the game.


Although Sherry doesn’t have a great deal of health, clever use of her Insightful ability will ensure she’s still useful in the game. She can basically give a friendly Survivor within 6″ a free action and that model can still activate later in the turn, or this can be an extra action if they’ve activated already.

Even better, if Negan is the target of her ability, it will Impress him, so Sherry can keep storing up red dice to use in potential defense rolls.


John is the Bruiser of the team (quite literally). With a decent defense and a white die in melee combat, John is up there with Negan when it comes to getting stuck in.


Just look at that Shoot stat – Andrea has got some competition. Also, a little like Sherry, Laura is able to give other friendly Survivors an extra action. Again, if that’s Negan, he’ll be impressed and Laura will earn an extra red die.


Tara is your go-to for clearing out the Walkers, thanks to her Clear the Way ability. This grants her an extra red die when attacking Walkers. What’s more, every time she removes a Walker from play, it impresses Negan.

Tara’s not too shabby when it comes to combat either. Arm her with a Sharp weapon and she can re-roll any of her melee attack dice.

So, there’s your sneak peek of the Survivor cards included with pre-orders of Here’s Negan: The Board Game. As you can see, there’s a lot of synergy among the Saviors, which mirrors the quest for Reputation in the board game. We can certainly see some powerful combos if they’re used correctly.

Remember, you’ve got until December 3rd to place your order on the Mantic website and receive the cards. Retailers who ordered their copies of the game before November 19th will have Survivor Cards with their initial stock of games too, in case you prefer to buy from your FLGS. Don’t worry if you miss out on the pre-order offers because next year we’ll be adding the Survivor Cards to our Mantic Points scheme too.

Here’s Negan: The Board Game is available to pre-order now. All pre-orders come with FREE character cards to use Negan’s lieutenants in All Out War.