One does not simply walk into the Abyss. It take heroes of a certain caliber and mind-set to brave the realm of the Wicked Ones. Everything they face there writhes with unnatural Mantic, from the pits of magma to the very earth they walk on; nothing is pure. So, for the Infernal Crypts expansion for Dungeon Saga, we’ve added two new heroes to the fold, each ready to take on the Forces fo the Abyss.


Arianya is a Naiad Demon Hunter. Naiads are usually peaceful introverts – staying apart from the world and it’s worries. Arianya was once the same – until demons of the Abyss sacked her homeland and killed those she knew and loved. She now carries a personal vendetta to find the specific creatures responsible and kill them. Any band of adventurers who partake in a quest with even a hint of demonic activity will be accompanied by her.

As a skilled Demon Hunter, Arianya is proficient in both ranged and melee combat, with 2 and 4 dice respectively. She can use her ‘Null’ ability to prevent spells from being cast and Cool Waters Feat to get the initiative on her opponents. Due to her nature, however, she does have a weakness to fire based attacks – all the more reason for her to take care in the Abyss. Legendary Arianya gains the Tough and Nimble abilities, making her much more hard-wearing. Additionally, she gains an extra shooting dice. Bring it on, Drech’Nok!


Venetia is a Sisterhood Cleric. Hailing from the pious realm of Basilea, she is avowed to root out and destroy evil where everit my hide, as well as recover vital artefacts for the church. She is a skilled and strong fighter, raised within the Sisterhood from an early age. She can channel her own faith in to supernatural abilities which some may consider to be magic.

While she may initially appear fragile, Venetia is not to be underestimated. She is a caster (of sorts) with a wealth of healing spells to aid her fellows. This can be a major thorn in the side of the overlord, as she rescues her companions from death. Her feat also allows her to heal all of the adventurers at once – so hinging your strategy around her abilities is a good idea – though bear in mind that the overlord will know this too.


Both of these heroes come in the Infernal Crypts and their Legendary versions can be found in the Legendary Heroes of the Crypts. Did I mention that they also make fantastic Kings of War heroes for either the Forces of Nature, Trident Realms of Neritica or Basilea? I’ve already got a set on pre-order now for exactly this reason.

Dungeon Saga: The Infernal Crypts and the Legendary Heroes of the Crypts are available for pre-order now! They will begin shipping at the end of March.

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