Hi everyone, Martin here. Some of us at Mantic HQ are putting together our hobby resolutions for 2021 and mine has distinctly dwarven aroma… [EDITOR – I dread to think what a dwarven aroma is. Stale beer and beard conditioner, perhaps?]

Pledge 1 – Warpath Universe

I really, really, REALLY want to build and paint up some vehicles this year. I was a bit undecided between going the Enforcer route, so I could paint up the Interceptors, but as you may have seen, Rob has already started his Enforcers… great job so far Rob!

So to make sure we had variety in the blogs I will go for the Forge Fathers… because, well, TANKS!! I’m not sure what colour scheme and theme I will go for just yet though. But I’m in a bit of a grimy phase at the moment so maybe something along those lines.

I had started a Forge Father strike team for Deadzone. I’m not sure I’ll keep with these gold and purple colours though.

Pledge 2 – Armada

To continue with the dwarfiness, my second pledge is to paint up the Dwarf fleet for Armada. I’m not saying Ronnie and I will have a painting competition with these models, but I’m not saying we won’t either.

I’ve just seen the first resins coming off the production line for this fleet and they do look superb. Should be a fun little project to do. I went pretty far out with my Nightstalker themed Basilean fleet, but I’m not sure what to do with these just yet…

*Please note all Hobby pledges are subject to change due to my wandering eye and poor attention span 🙂

Stay safe! Cheers, Martin.

The prospect of facing on Sturnhammer Battle Tank is daunting, but facing a formation of three is an entirely different battle. Advanced targeting systems and well-drilled crews allow the vehicles to focus their firepower with uncanny precision, capable of breaching any fortification or armour.

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Powerful engines and adaptable treads allow the Hultr Half-Track to react to the flow of battle fluidly, supporting the Forge Father lines with its Hailstorm or Magma Cannon.

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It is only due to lack of numbers that the dwarfs are not renowned as a sea power, for their ships, known as ironclads, are amongst the strongest in the world –wrought with the meticulous precision of the Warsmiths, powered by steam, and bristling with the most accurate cannon on the high seas. This bundle contains everything you need to sail the high seas with the dwarfs.


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All dwarf vessels are armour-plated, smoke-belching paddle-steamers, and are treated with reverential pride by the crew. Every handle, wheel and valve is decorated with a Warsmith’s unique sigils; every rivet stamped with a seal of approval.


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The Brokkrs arrive to strip whatever profit they can from the planet, backed by a bodyguard of Steel Warriors and Forge Guard, lest they run into any problems they can’t talk their way out of.

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