Here at Mantic, we make a lot of great models and games, but we know that these are just a small part of the wider world of wargaming. Countless hours are spent building and painting miniatures for games and setting them up over a beautifully modeled battlefield is the culmination of everything we love about the hobby.

So, with this in mind, we’ve put in some hard work behind the scenes and we are now proud to announce that we will now be stocking the entire Army Painter range on our webstore. We’ve been selling them for a while, but ordering on demand, whereas now we are holding the stock in house, with regular deliveries.


This includes the fantastic Warpaints range, Quickshades, brushes, glues and hobby tools. We will also have the Spray Primers and boxsets available. These are all great whether you need a good place to start with painting, are starting work on a new project, or just want to add some new colours to your collection.


Please note – as paints and glues are hazardous materials, we may not be able to ship some of these items abroad. Double check on the product’s page before ordering.


In addition to these, we have limited stock of the Tablescapes boards available. Created by Secret Weapon Miniature, these are durable, detailed Hard Plastic gaming boards. They come in 1’ by 1’ tiles, which are easily and neatly clipped together and stored. You can also pick up a nifty border to surround your tables and dioramas, or just use a single tile as a transport tray for armies.


The ranges can also be mixed to create interesting settings for your games – combining Forgotten City tiles with Rolling fields tiles, for example. The former set are great for Kings of War battles, whilst the Urban tiles (either clean or damaged) are perfect for Warpath or The Walking Dead. Deadzone has it’s own purpose designed board, with sculpted 3” grid square for movement, all in the style to match our Battlezones Scenery.


Check out the full Army Painter range and the Tablescapes Boards on our website – all available to order now!

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