The Forces of the Abyss have well and truly invaded, with pictures of armies appearing all over the internet. We asked to see armies and you did not disappoint!
hobby-time-logoSo, in what we hope will become a regular feature, we’ve put some of these together into post to share. Welcome to the

Hobby Time Community Round-Up!

Maybe the title needs some work. Hm.

Steve Winwood

steve-winwood1Pathfinder Steve has done an amazing job with this Abyssal Fiend – painting it with red skin (like the studio models) and mounting it on a beautiful base covered with molten lava. He’s also painted the fur on the hooves to resemble flames, almost making it look as if the being is made out of fire.

Chris Morris

chris-morris2Chris’ Abyssal army is built from multiple set of Dungeon Saga Denizens of the Abyss. He’s reposed many of the models and incorporated their Dungeon Bases into the movement trays. Using the Dungeon Saga models also gives him access to Tortured Souls and Hellhounds – who’ll be released at a later point for Kings of War.


He’s continued to expand his army with new models. Everything is painted in a cool minimalist scheme, with dark skins and bright green flames and weapons on the models. It looks like something that’d be terrifying to face on the tabletop.

Tim Davy


Tim has done a great job on the new metal Molochs – you can really see the fun variants that the kit allows you to build. Using black armour instead of metal creates a different kind of contrast – we can’t wait to see the rest of the force painted! Standing on rocks over dangerous viscous fluid seems to be a recurring theme here…

Rob White

rob-white2Rob has done spectacular job with his Abyssal Fiend, with some OSL highlights surrounding the flames and piles of skulls on the base. Abyssal Fiends seem to be very popular among painters.

rob-white1Not content to finish there, Rob has gone on to create a whole army of Abyssals, with multiple models form multiple ranges. We can’t wait to see what else he’ll add to it!

That’s all for now, but keep posting up your armies and models – we love to see them!

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