We’re back for another instalment of Hobby Time! Just in case you missed last week’s blog, Dave, Zak and Rob are all preparing new Kings of War armies ready for the Summer Campaign and Clash of Kings tournament. Dave has chosen Empire of Dust, Zak has gone for Forces of Nature and Rob has overcome a lifelong love of goblins so he can put together a dwarf army.

Each week (as long as there’s some actual progress), we’ll keep you updated with what’s going on and hopefully provide you with inspiration and ideas for your own army. If only so you can see how not to do it and do a much better job yourself *looks at Rob’s attempts*. Anyway, without further ado, here’s a quick update on what happened when we got together this week…

Dave – Empire of Dust

Previously Dave has mainly painted his armies by finishing one miniature at a time. So, he would paint one to a high standard, finish, and then paint another to an equally high standard. Of course, this is great when you’re painting a small number of minis, like a Deadzone faction or DreadBall team but a whole Kings of War army is something else entirely.

Dave’s latest Empire of Dust skelebobs. He will snap them off the bases to multibase after painting.

This week he embraced the idea of batch painting. Just in case you’ve never heard the term, it’s when you paint the same area of lots of different miniatures in one sitting, e.g. you might paint all the clothing the same colour and then move onto the weapons. The downside of this is that it’s incredibly tedious but the upside is that before you know it, you’ll have an entire regiment painted up. Dave’s also been giving his new Army Painter Mega Paints Set a go… which just seems like an excuse to boast about all the paints he has.

Zak – Forces of Nature

Having completed the main colour for the armour, Zak has been experimenting with adding shiny green areas to the gold. Possibly inspired by a well know aquatic super-hero. Unfortunately the busy life of this high standing socialite took its toll as he was struggling to focus and had to call it an early night.

Hopefully we’ll see a lot more progress from him next week… or else!

Zak’s been painting some cool-looking gems and armour on his Naiads this week.

Rob – Dwarfs

Never content with just having one project on the go, Rob has been busy trying different things over the past week. Firstly he’s painted up the badgers for his Brock Riders (this involved an interesting discussion with his wife about why the search history mentioned ‘badger pictures’ so much) and is now trying to create a snazzy base.

The Brocks have quickly become Rob’s favourite Kings of War miniatures. If only they were ridden by goblins.

Ideally Rob wants the base to feature the Brocks splashing through a stream and has been experimenting with different materials to make the stream. If it works, we’ll post a step by step guide and if it doesn’t, feel free to mock his efforts.

Rob’s done two hoods so far and that involved a lot of Green Stuff sticking to his fingers, clothes, hair and the carpet. Good luck Rob!

Another experiment for Rob has seen him trying to create hoods for a troop of Dwarf Rangers (an idea he mercilessly stole after sharing images of a Dwarf army by Cody Richard Smith). He’s using Army Painter Kneadite Green Stuff but with very little experience (and even less talent) the early results have been mixed. Again, a step by step will follow if it actually works.

Duncan – Forge Fathers

Hang on, what? Wasn’t this meant to be about Kings of War? Never mind, we’ve got a new member of the Hobby Time crew: Duncan, our in-house designer, lizard-owner and Jesus lookalike.

In preparation for the retail release of Warpath in the spring, Duncan is painting at least 400 points of Forge Fathers each month, so that he’ll have a decent army ready for launch. So far he’s finished around 200 points (which is a decent-sized Deadzone force) and has some catching up to do.

Until next time, remember to share pictures of your work in progress armies on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll see you soon.

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