This week we’ve got some exciting developments for The Walking Dead, including The Kingdom faction going up for pre-order, an amazing 50% off sale and more! In today’s blog, TWD RC member Ian Delaney is lifting the lid on the new Teamwork Cards, which are really going to mix up your games. Over to you Ian…

Teamwork cards are designed to encourage narrative based survivor groups to be selected when playing All Out War. Throughout the 193 issue run of Robert Kirkman’s ‘The Walking Dead’ we have seen groups of survivors work together, sometimes through choice and sometimes out of necessity, time and time again. We want to reflect this in your games of All Out War, and so when forming your Survivor Group, you may select a single Teamwork card at no points cost.

Event and Teamwork cards

To choose a card, you must include the required models in your Group. Sometimes, a particular version of a model will be specified as a prerequisite (for example Tyreese: Pro Football Player). Sometimes, only the character name will be listed, meaning you may take any version of that character.

During the game, the models listed on the Teamwork card gain the bonus Teamwork rule. If all of the required models are removed as casualties during the game, the Teamwork card is discarded and cannot be used for the remainder of the game.

So who might we get to see team up? Within the Teamwork deck you will find a number of cards that focus on the early days of the Atlanta Crew, such as ‘Family Values’ and ‘Love Triangle’. Although the Atlanta Crew already have some synergistic possibilities, these cards will increase the opportunities that these characters have to work together. For example Rick, Shane and Lori will be able to reroll blanks on either their attack or defence rolls depending on the positioning of the models. While Allen, Donna, Billy & Ben are able to push back walkers at the end of the event phase, which could prove crucial to the survival of these characters.

You will also find cards such as ‘Buddy Cops’ and ‘You’re Crazy, Not Evil’ that refer to specific moments from the comic series. The first depicts the moment when Rick and Shane are in a standoff with an escaped prisoner from way back in Issue 1, and the latter represents Patricia helping Thomas escape from the prison in the Safety Behind Bars story arc. Both of these cards have rules that fit with the source material. So when Rick or Shane suffer a wound within the other’s kill zone, the other may immediately perform a free out of sequence shoot action to represent them providing covering fire. When Patricia and Thomas are in each other’s kill zones, they add a red dice to their respective attack and defence rolls.

Relationships are often the strength and motivation for our favourite characters, and this is brought to the table with the Teamwork cards. ‘Comforting Arms’ demonstrates the emotional support that Tyreese provides for Carol, by allowing Carol to ignore the ‘Unstable’ special rule. ‘I Said Hold Hands!’ depicts the much more innocent relationship between a young Carl and Sophia, while ‘Star-Crossed Lovers’ displays the complex relationship between an older Carl and Lydia.

Although we do hope that event organisers will encourage the use of these cards, when playing at an organised event we recommend that you check with the TO that the use of Teamwork cards is permissible at the event!


Very important – please read!

  • The Walking Dead cards are being reprinted to order and will begin shipping from the end of March 2022.
  • You may back order now and we’ll ship your order once they’re ready. The cut off for ordering any these products is February 28th, so we have time to print them before the end of March.
  • If you place an order that contains made to order resins and other products, your whole order will be shipped in late March.
  • Due to these being made to order they are not applicable for the 25% discount.

These cards spice up your games of The Walking Dead: All Out War by adding new faction specific events and introducing exciting gameplay options with different combinations of survivors.

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