How To Build An Ambush Army – Kings Of War

13th Sep 2022

Jonny Mann

In our previous blog we explained why Ambush, a new way to play Kings of War at smaller points levels, is so damned exciting.

Ultimately, it has the potential to be a great way to recruit new players so you’ve got more people to crush under the boots of your veteran army play fun, friendly battles with in your local area.

Today we’re explaining some of the changes that make Ambush much easier to play, but also stop people making some incredibly filthy army lists.

(Like Jonny, who asked “How many shadowhulks am I allowed?” – Nick)

Troops For Days

First up, you can include as many Troops and Regiments as you want in Ambush, but Legions and Hordes are banned. Don’t even think about bringing that zombie Legion to a game of Ambush. No, stop thinking it! Put them back in the cupboard. 

Building For Ambush

This focus on Troops and Regiments really helps to get your army painted up nice and quick. What’s more, the game plays a lot faster too, due to the lower nerve values… which means Ambush can get pretty bloody. 

For each Troop or Regiment in the army you may also include one of the following units: 

  • Hero 
  • Monster 
  • Titan 
  • War Engine 
  • Irregular Unit (units with the Fly keyword are also treated as Irregular)

Along with the restrictions above, in games under 750pts you can’t use units that cost more than 200pts, while in games between 750 and 995pts, you can’t use units that cost more than 250pts. Both of these restrictions include magical artefacts, upgrades or purchased spells. 

There are some other army building requirements too but we won’t spoil them all here… However, at least you can start thinking about some potential units to paint up as Troops and Regiments, whilst you wait for the book. 

Stay tuned to the Mantic YouTube channel for some exciting Ambush battle reports, so you can see how fast and furious this style of gameplay is.