How to play Vanguard using Vassal

1st Apr 2020

Rob Burman

This week we’re giving you some handy guides on how to play various Mantic games online. After all, it’s not like you can pop over to your local club or store for a nice game of Vanguard at the moment.

The idea behind these guides is to provide you with some gaming opportunities in the virtual world, while we wait for the real world to return to normal.

What’s more, the benefit of gaming virtually means you can try out a new faction or army, while painting up the actual physical models in your free time. This means that when the tournament scene returns to normal, you’ll be smashing face like never before*

It’s worth noting you’ll still need a copy of the rulebook to play online – so it’s a good job the core rules are free to download here, plus the rulebook and digital rulebook are currently half price (if you want access to all the campaign rules, magic and equipment).

Anyway, enough yapping because today we are very excited to present the Vassal module for Vanguard. Whereas Kings of War used Universal Battle, the wonderful Ciaran Morris has created a bespoke module to play Vanguard in Vassal. It is – quite frankly – a remarkable achievement.

Ciaran has put together an incredibly useful how-to document, which guides you through every step of the process. Rather than try and recreate that here, we thought it would be much easier to just link straight to it. You can download the guide here.

Not only has Ciaran created a Vanguard module, but he’s also been busy on a DreadBall one too. There are still a few creases to iron out on that one – but we should be ready for the guide on Friday.

Hope you enjoy playing online. Remember, make sure you download the free rules or pick up a half price rulebook using the links below.

*we cannot guarantee you will smash face.