So, the UK is now on lockdown but that won’t stop us providing you with some fun updates over the coming days and weeks. We hope you’re all staying safe and healthy during this difficult period. Just in case you missed it yesterday, make sure you read this blog, to see all the video content that’s coming up.

With so many of you now at home (and potentially with a bit more hobby time on your hands), you might be thinking about starting a new game or finally getting round to completing that army. So, in today’s blog, we’ve got some handy guides for starting out and some special offers to help you along the way. Many of the special offers are focused on digital copies, so you can get them delivered straight away!


We’re starting here because Vanguard is a superb introduction into the world of Pannithor and potentially a jumping off point into Kings of War. Whereas 20 miniatures would be one regiment in KoW, in Vanguard that’s probably about two warbands!

If you’ve always been curious about Vanguard but don’t know where to start, there’s a great series of Vanguard videos over on Ash Barker’s Guerrilla Miniatures Game channel.

If that tickles your fancy, then the core rules for Vanguard are TOTALLY FREE! You can learn to play and then pick up the full rulebook for campaign rules, extra equipment, more scenarios and extra spells. Plus, all the warband stats (including those previously only released via warband cards) are now available to download too. We’re hoping to add the Abyssal Dwarfs later this week. Download the free rules HERE!

Once you’ve read the free rules and fancy giving a campaign a go, then we’re happy to announce we’ve reduced the hardback rulebook and digital rulebook by a massive 50%. The digital Ice & Iron supplement is also 50% – this contains more scenarios and extra campaign rules.


Once you’ve experienced the joys of Vanguard, it’s time to build your warband into a full Kings of War army. Vanguard often gives you the heroes for your army, so you only need a few more for a full force :p

There are plenty of battle reports on YouTube, but if you want a Getting Started video, Rob and Matt headed over to see Beasts of War and gave them a run down. They mostly get the rules right :p

Also, make sure you check out the Master Crafted YouTube Channel. You’ll find plenty of handy guides for playing Kings of War.

If that’s whetted your appetite, then there’s never been a better time to jump on board the KoW hype train. For a limited time only the digital gamer’s edition rulebook is half price – making it just £7.49! Also, another great gateway into the world of Kings of War is the new Shadows in the North Two-Player Starter Set, featuring the despicable Nightstalkers and heroic Northern Alliance, plus a Gamer’s Edition rulebook. So, for a limited time only, we’re reducing the price by 20%!


Back to smaller games now and there’s really nothing better than a quick game of Deadzone to keep you busy during a global outbreak.

Last week we made the solo play supplement, Nexus Psi, free to download from the Mantic website – so even if you can’t leave the house, at least you can get your Deadzone fix. If you haven’t played Deadzone before, then the core rules are totally free to download too. You can find those here.

The above is a handy guide on how to play from our pals over at Miniature Wargames. However, you’ll also find plenty of battle reports over on the Weight of Fire YouTube channel. And hopefully host Andy Sharp should know his stuff because he’s on the rules committee!

Once you’ve download the free rules (did we mention they’re free?), then you’re going to need a copy of the Escalation supplement. This contains all the updated stats for each faction (and some entirely new factions that aren’t in the core rulebook), plus new scenarios and abilities. We’ve now reduced the digital version of Escalation by 50%, plus the physical copy is half price too.

Also, if you’d like to learn more about the setting of Deadzone, the digital Warpath sourcebook is currently 50% off as well. This contains absolutely LOADS of information about the Warpath universe and will no doubt provide inspiration for your army.


Pretty much all sporting events have now been cancelled – but luckily you can still play the greatest game in the galaxy… DreadBall!

And guess what? The core rules are FREEEEEEEEEEEE! You can download them here. “But what’s missing from the core rules?” Oh, we thought we had made it through an entire blog with our pal Imaginary Blog Reader. Well, the rules for league play are included in the Galactic Tour expansion or the massive Collector’s Edition rulebook. And, in the spirit of special offers, we’re reducing the digital and physical versions of the rulebook by 50%.

We’ve filmed plenty of DreadBall videos over on our YouTube channel, so make sure you check them out. You can watch one below (and Rob definitely hasn’t just chosen one where he wins).

There’s also a pretty detailed step-by-step video over on the Beasts of War channel too.

So, plenty of options to get you started. Tune in tomorrow for another blog update from the Mantic Emergency Bunker!

Vanguard is a fantasy skirmish game. It is a magical place, full of wonder, but also one of conflict and war, as almighty armies clash and empires crumble. Gods and demons roam the world and the skies light up with the crackle of magic. The mortal races strive for dominance across the vastness of the world; from the depths of the oceans, across to the deserts and plains, to the soaring mountain ranges and ice-covered peaks – there is adventure, glory, and peril to be had in equal measure.

Vanguard gives you the chance to explore the world through the eyes of an elite Warband. As neighbours and kingdoms wage war, it’s often the deeds of a hand-picked few – specialists in their trade – that ultimately win wars for their masters. Whether they are tasked with plundering an enemy camp, burning their stores, stealing information or assassination of an enemy commander, the scouting parties of the vanguard are always in the thick of the action, operating alone and in the greatest of danger.

This book includes all of the core rules for playing Vanguard, including unit entries, scenarios, campaign system, advanced spells and abilities, and rules for tying your games into Kings of War!

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Containment Protocols: Escalation is the latest update to our hugely popular sci-fi skirmish game, Deadzone. It contains all the content from the out of print Command Protocols: Outbreak and lots more!

In this new 120-page supplement, players will find rules for adding ruthless mercenaries to their games and an entirely new mercenary-based faction.
Rebs get a boost to their cause with new fighters, while the insidious Veer-myn gain the support of the technologically advanced Volt Chasers.
Plus, all existing faction lists are reprinted with the latest points and errata. What’s more, you’ll also find new multi-mat based scenarios and rules for adding interactive scenery to your battles.

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Welcome to Kings of War, and prepare to rally your forces to fight epic battles in the best and biggest fantasy mass-battle game. Choose your side and then command an army of Mantic miniatures to represent incredible armies such as the stoic and pious Basileans, or plot your opponent’s downfall with the wicked forces of the Abyss. With a huge variety of models and armies to choose from and many stories to tell, Kings of War is truly an amazing experience

Please note this is for the digital version.

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