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How To Terrorise Your Opponent – Kyle Talks Nightstalker Tactics

16th May 2023

Jonny Mann

Hey, Kyle Here,

The new Nightstalkers are shipping out this week and new rules are just around the corner. The Void has spat out even more nightmarish creatures ready to prey on the races of Pannithor. Each of these offers a new tactical advantage in the repertoire of the list. Let’s take an early peak at what those new units look like and discuss ways you can take advantage of them.


Close cousins to Reapers. With split, distended faces and wicked talons for arms, they are primed for pouncing attacks that pin down bodies and tear into flesh and armor.


This is an incredibly sneaky unit that lends itself to a second line attack. With lower defense and nerve, they need proper protection to deliver their punch. Their unique ability, “Leaper” means several units in the list can provide excellent screening while waiting to get into position. Nimble and Strider make them extremely potent flankers, especially in a multi-charge situation. It even allows for easier-to-achieve dual front charges thanks to units of similar height being able to declare the charges simultaneously.

They’re a nasty unit that can really catch an opponent off guard.


Evolving from Butchers to form a mutated cannon arm that I like to imagine sounds like tormented screams of enraptured victims as it explodes from the living mouth barrel.

With equal efficiency in the Ranged Phase and Melee phases, Ravagers make for a very flexible unit. Be sure to take advantage of their Steady Aim for an effective range of 18” when movement is added in.


Shadowhounds are relentlessly fast. Used to hunt and chase down fleeing enemies, they devour the bodies and souls of their helpless victims. Upon their hides, painful death cries form just beneath the surface of the skin.

Borrowing from a mechanic in Firefight, the Shadowhounds have a new rule allowing them to benefit from a +1 to hit during a turn they make an unhindered Charge (note: not a Counter Charge). If you desire to really hammer your opponent, you must be patient enough to wait for the right moment.


The Terror vaguely resembles the Kraken it once was, now possessed and twisted by the dark magics of the nightmare realm.

Unapologetically geared toward facing infantry and cavalry targets, the Terror is an incredible tarpit unit. Now sporting a higher defense and a modified 18/19 nerve, this becomes one tough nut to crack. When engaged against specific targets, the Rampage 8 triggers, bringing its attacks to a staggering 20. Not only is it an effective anvil, but few targets will win the battle of attrition against these beasts.

There are a few other changes, such as a cheaper Dream Hunter and an all-new formation to take advantage of the Tormentors. The full scope of updated Nightstalkers rules will be available this Friday the 19th via the Mantic Companion. These new releases are shipping now, so be sure to pick up yours today!

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