Mantic Games is proud to announce that for this year’s Adepticon, we’re preparing some AMAZING deals and offering some world exclusive firsts, especially for the show. But you better be quick because we reckon these are going to go FAST!

The Walking Dead: All Out War

One of the focuses will be The Walking Dead: All Out War and Adepticon will be the first time gamers can pick up the show exclusive booster featuring Lee and Clementine, the stars of The Walking Dead videogame series from Telltale Games.

Mantic at Adepticon

To tempt new players into trying All Out War – which is currently the highest rated Walking Dead game ever on Boardgame Geek, by the way – we’ve got an incredible offer! For just $35 you can pick up the Core Game (saving almost $15 on the MSRP) or for $50 you can grab the Core Game and the Lee & Clementine booster (while stocks last), which is a great saving of just under $20.

However, you’ll need to be faster than a Survivor running from a Walker because these deals will only be available on Thursday and Friday at the show! What’s more, we’re bringing the final 150 copies of The Walking Dead: All Out War Core Game in North America to Adepticon. If you miss out on these, you’ll have to wait until the next batch arrives in May.


Along with The Walking Dead: All Out War, Adepticon will also be the first time gamers can buy the rulebooks for our exciting sci-fi wargames Warpath and Firefight! Warpath is the epic mass battle game featuring hundreds of units of futuristic fighters or vehicles, while Firefight zooms in on the action, focusing on the individuals fighting for their life on the battlefield.

Mantic at Adepticon

To celebrate the launch, we’ve got an incredible deal that you’d be crazier than a Mawbeast to miss out on! For just $75 you can buy the Warpath and Firefight rulebooks, the in-depth 192 page Warpath Universe Sourcebook and a faction starter or booster of your choice. That’s a great saving of almost $15 and is the perfect introduction to Warpath or Firefight.

So make sure you head straight to Booth #38 and don’t miss out on these amazing offers. Plus during the show, we’ll have some great Mantic activities and tournaments, such as our first Kings of War Historical tournament, Clash of Kings, Enforcer Jetbike Racing and more! See you there.

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