The Infestation Expansion set contains everything you need to start fighting on Exham IV with your own Strike Team. This box is intended to be used with an existing Deadzone collection regardless of which faction you play.


The star of the show is the Infestation supplement book. A 50 page, full-colour guide to Exham IV and playing Infestation Campaigns. There’s also elite army lists for six different factions, each with their own dedicated character and new special rules. For more details, check out our previous post.


In order to simulate the harsh frozen deserts of Exham IV, the set also includes a brand new deluxe mat. With the same 2’x2′ layout and 3″ grid as existing mats, it features new ‘red planet’ artwork. Like our other deluxe mats, it is durable, non-slip and crease-resistant – enough to survive the rigours of gaming for a long time to come!

The new Industrial Battlezones will be released next month and a selection of the new components are included in the Infestation Expansion. You’ll find pipes, conveyor belts, motors and other industrial-themed pieces to use. There’s enough to spread around a Deadzone board to provide cover for a game, but these pieces are fully compatible with existing battlezones and so can be combined with other sets to create new buildings!


Last, but not least there is a new sculpt of the Piper Veer-Myn character, with his two rat swarms. This metal model is exclusive to this set and has his own elite army list in the Infestation book. The other Veer-Myn on Exham IV has seen him as an outcast until now. The recent environmental collapse and subsequent invasions and turned him into a desperate leader of his people.

With new rules, new models, new scenery and more, this box set is a must-buy for and Deadzone player – pick up yours now!

Deadzone: Infestation is available to pre-order and can be found in all good hobby retailers from the 27th June!

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