It’s the start of a New Year, so what better way to celebrate than starting a new army? Just ignore the cries of anguish from all those other armies currently sitting unpainted in your cupboard. Because this is the year you’re DEFINITELY going to paint a new army… and that new army is the Riftforged orcs. Shh, unpainted armies, your time will come.

After storming onto the scene in December, reinforcements for the Riftforged are arriving in January to bolster your force and bring Pannithor to its knees. So, let’s take a look at all the products shipping from January 17th. You can pre-order these now from the Mantic website or from your FLGS.


Riftforged Stormslayer

Stormslayers are massive creatures created from the same stock as trolls, but exposure to the Nexus of Power has driven them into a rage-fuelled frenzy. Each has a pair of great falchions, with which they can control the lightning that might otherwise consume them. In battle, the Stormslayers are driven by pain-fuelled rage, and with each sweep of their falchions the foe are smote with the very force of the storm.


Riftforged Thunderseers Regiment

The Thunderseers are abominations, crafted from cyclopes, their souls fragmented by exposure to the Nexus. They are tortured creatures, driven almost to the brink of madness by their gift of foresight.


Riftforged Orcs Regiment

Infused with the power of Halpi’s Rift, the Riftforged orcs are a breed apart from their green-skinned cousins. Though hunched, they stand as tall as a man, but are considerably broader and well-muscled. Their faces are bestial, with jutting lower jaws and sharp teeth, but these are creatures of brutal intelligence.


Riftforged Orc Stormcaller

Stormcallers act as messengers and emissaries, often delivering the orders of the High Marshalls or even one of the Wicked Ones directly from the Abyss to the field of battle. Although none amongst the Riftforged would openly question the Stormcallers’ authority, the legionaries are always uneasy around the enigmatic individuals, whose nature seems disturbingly similar to the Wicked Ones themselves.


Stormcallers are the spiritual leaders of the Riftforged Orcs. They are not mere priests or double-speaking shamans, but living embodiments of their patron’s power, whose toil at sacred elemental forges, or unto the anvil of battle, is a homage to the power of Garkan himself.

Will you be adding these to your army plans for 2022? Don’t forget, we’ve got another wave of Riftforged releases planned for March, including the mighty Stormforged Shrine.