July is absolutely PACKED with Kings of War awesomeness for the Nightstalkers and Northern Alliance. We’ve been revealing these for the past few weeks and the response has been epic. From the comments so far, it looks like the resin department is going to be mega busy, so get your order in early to avoid any disappointment! Remember, all of these are available to order from your local gaming store or direct from the Mantic website. Just check out all the sweet new releases below.


Death incarnate, the Soulflayers sit astride ghostly mounts whose six demonic hooves burn with a cold blue fire. Soulflayers and their steeds are borne across the mortal realms on invisible streams of evil, leaked from another plane, and can summon icy winds to chill a body but keep the mind alive and fresh for later.


The highly influential beings who weave lies and distrust are like beacons to the most powerful and wilful of the fiends. They wait in the shadows, watching and learning the weaknesses of their prey slowly plaguing their thoughts thriving on their fears of failure. When the time is ripe, these Dreadfiends creep through the smallest of cracks in the skin of the universe to claim their prey.

Here’s a scale shot so you can see how mighty the Soulflayers and Dread-fiend are, compared to a puny human.


The humans of the north are tougher and stronger than those in the south. They regularly take to the battlefield hefting great two-handed weapons, trusting to their hardy constitution and thick armour to deflect damage long enough to get them within arm’s reach of their foes – who are then brutally cleaved in two.


Clansmen from across the wild lands learn to hunt not long after they learn to walk. While the Ice Kin favour the bow their heritage demands, the clans have a variety of tools at their disposal. From bows to javelins, suitable for taking down the larger prey that roam the tundra.


There are Naiad populations spread all over the world, even beneath the polar ice. These beings have adapted to colder climate that dwell in and can survive near freezing temperatures both above and below the waves. Wielding weapons with crystalline ice blades many times harder than steel, these implacable beings fight alongside the warriors of the Alliance.


The most fearless, or deranged, Lords or Thegns hunt alone for sport to prove their right to lead and their skill in the hunt. The ultimate prize for these brave, or fool-hardy, individuals is to capture a Frostfang to use as their mighty battle-mount.


If you’ve already got plenty of minis and just need to upgrade them with some different weapon options, then we’re pleased to say you can purchase the upgrade components on their own. You can get the upgrade components for the following:

  • Northern Alliance Pack Hunters
  • Clansmen with Two-Handed Weapons
  • Ice Naiads
  • Snow Troll Prime

You can order all the new releases from the Mantic website here or head to your local game store.

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