The next blog following the creation of the new monster kits covers the Basilean High Paladin on Dragon. Read on to find out the thoughts behind designing this mighty monster!

Few have the strength of will to ride one of the great winged drakes. Among those rare few who can are the High Paladins of Basilea, who take them into battle against the enemies of the Shining Ones.

This week sees the release of the Basilean High Paladin on Dragon. This kits features a new metal rider for our towering plastic dragon, which can be found in both Kings of War and Dungeon Saga. This model has been doing its service, appearing in no less than three different sets (Tyrant of Halpi, Abyssal Dwarf Iron-Catser on Greater Winged Halfbreed, and Elf Dragon Kindred Lord). This was how it was intended to be used from its conception.


In the original concept art for Karrathor the Unbroken (the Dungeon Saga Dragon), you can see the plans for a mounted variant. We did this to get the most out of a very large model and a very large plastic tool at the time and it makes sense that the dragons of Mantic would be similar in appearance. When it came to creating the Kings of War variant, we moved the rider up to the neck and added a saddled head and neck piece which could be swapped out depending on which kit was being made.The High Paladin for the dragon follows the same cues as the existing Kings of War range, but also brings in some of the style that would become the norm for the miniatures that will be released through Kings of War: Vanguard. You can see elements that are shared by the Men-At-Arms Sergeant, Paladin Defender, and Dictator that are now key notes of the Basileans’ upcoming range.

The result is an impressive model that will stand tall (literally) as the leader of Basilean armies both old and new. As for the Basileans themselves – we have more new models in the pipeline, it’s just a matter of find a second to release them!

If you want a mighty hero to lead your Basilean army into battle, the High Paladin on Dragon is out now! Order yours here!

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