Uncharted Empires isn’t the only big release for Kings of War this December – because we’re also preparing to unleash three new Titans upon Pannithor. First off though, if you missed our Uncharted Empires preview from Matt Gilbert, you can check it out here.

We’ve got three new Titans on the horizon, including the Phoenix, Kraken and Goblin Slasher. You can read a quick preview of each below. However, before our main feature, we have a quick trailer.


The Phoenix was already an entry for the courageous Basileans but is now also a part of the updated Salamanders list. The Phoenix is the symbol of Basilea: an emblem of rebirth, holy fire and blazing fury. These semi-magical birds are summoned by the mages of Basilea to fight with the armies of the Hegemon.

Phoenixes are vast birds of prey, part fire and part feather; it is unknown exactly how they came into being. They are the favoured creature of the Shining One Fulgria, the goddess of fire, and legend states how they were created from her own sacred flames.

Stats-wise the Phoenix is the same in the Salamanders and Basilean list. The stat that catches the eye is the tasty Fireball (10) spell, which is likely to see your foes turning to ash. Meanwhile, the Heal (5) spell might come in handy for healing your troops.


Similar to the Phoenix, the Kraken had been a staple in the Trident Realm list since Second Edition… but we’ve finally been able to produce a model! In times of great need, Naiad Centurions, or even one of the Trident Kings themselves, may summon one of these terrible and mighty monsters.

These titans from the deepest ocean have surprised many an enemy of the Neritican army – their immense size and gait belies the speed and ferocity of an enraged Kraken.

In the Trident Realm list, you’ve got the option of two Titans: the Coral Giant and the Kraken. Both are pretty speedy (coming in at Sp 7) but the Kraken arguably has the combat advantage, thanks to a guaranteed 12 attacks in melee. It also has Ensnare, so attackers suffer a -1 modifier to their melee attacks. Well, guess those tentacles would put you off a bit!


Obviously, we’re saving the best until last! The Goblin Slasher is a slight modification to our existing Orc Krudger on Winged Slasher kit… but this is loads better because it has wonderful goblins riding it.

One of the great coups for a goblin king is the taming of a Slasher. A king’s most trusted, skilled and experienced Snaggits are sent into a Slasher cave to tame these powerful reptiles. When they don’t come back out, the king sends in any old goblin to try and subdue it. Eventually the Slasher will be dragged from its den, blinking and confused about the Sharpstick Thrower now clumsily strapped to its back.

The Goblin Slasher can used by either a goblin force or an ogre army. Once again, the stats are the same for both. For the goblins, the Slasher is one of the few units that hits on a 3+ in melee – so it’s potentially pretty deadly. What’s more, before you actually get stuck into the enemy in close combat, you can be firing away with the Sharpstick Thrower, which has a range of 36″. So, weaken them down and then head in for the kill.