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Kings of War – Ronnie’s BIG Update!

8th Sep 2023

Dan Mapleston

Hello all, 

Ronnie here with a very special Kings of War update. We have some terrific surprises, reveals and fun for you all!

This weekend is the Clash of Kings tournament, back in Nottingham for the first time in 8 years. There will be 150 players coming from all over the world, and we are going to see some amazing Mantic armies. And by amazing, I mean jaw-droppingly beautiful!  

I want to cover a few things: our huge global campaign, new rewards for using Mantic minis at events, but first up – it’s time to bring your friends along to join the gaming revolution… 

Pannithor Needs You! 

We need new people to come and join the Mantic gaming community – it means more opponents for you and means we can keep delivering you cool new releases, and refreshing classic Kings of War factions with lovely new ideas and kits…

We think great games, fantastic minis, and affordable prices are a winning combination. We want to help you spread the word and encourage your friends, club members (and those people who you love to crush on the battlefield…mwah-ha-ha) to get stuck into the slick gameplay Mantic is renowned for.  

Back in the day, Mantic was the first wargaming company to give away its rules. Now everyone does it, or at least digitally. We also used to do this in print, and we are now doing it again but better! We have designed and printed a brand new free rule book to get your friends started with some lore, the core rules and 8 starter army lists (that match our first 8 Ambush boxes).

This is something for all of you – and we’d love for everyone to put this into the hands of someone you think would love the game, and our hobby!

You can add it for FREE on any web order, collect in person at any show, or cover the postage cost if you want it by itself or to be sent to a friend directly. This is NOW AVAILABLE via our webstore, and please, please, please spread the word!

The best way to really take Kings of War to the next level is simply for us all to keep inviting and welcoming new players on board. This stalled in the pandemic as in-person gaming ground to a halt, but we’re back on a recruitment drive and we would love to have twice as many players for next year’s global campaign as we do for this one….

Global Campaign: Shadowed Horizons 

Which leads us seamlessly to the ‘Shadowed Horizons’ global gaming event, where your games will shape the future map and events of Pannithor. This kicks off today with a mega-battle as a huge force of Frostclaw Riders bravely fly to their deaths, to slow a massive Nightstalker advance into the Winterlands. We’ve got an awesome narrative lined up for you in the campaign, and it’s not just the icy terrain giving us goosebumps…

Get over to where we’ll be running the campaign from 3pm today, revealing the story, and sharing the results…the world hangs in the balance and whatever happens, it’s never going to be the same again!

Tune in over the coming weeks where we’ll be talking about how this campaign will continue to evolve the map of Pannithor – and how it ties into the return of the Twilight Kin. Each ‘real’ year is going to be 10 years in Pannithor and these big global events will all build on each other – meaning that over the coming years you and your games will have a very big impact on what Pannithor looks like 50 years from now…and you’ll be able say, ‘I was there‘.

Together we are all going to have an absolute blast along the way – and of course joined by those friends you’re all going to invite along for the ride! 

Marvellous Mantic Miniatures 

As everyone knows, Kings of War has always welcomed people into the game with their classic fantasy armies – but my nefarious plan was always to hook you in with the slick and excellent gameplay, and keep you with cool new Mantic armies!  

Seriously, I know it’s a challenge to paint a new army, practise with it and get competitive. I also know most of you have some Mantic minis under the bed (or in a box of shame). This is why it’s so fantastic when they finally get painted up and on the table, especially on amazing diorama unit bases. So I want to encourage you all to finally get them (or some of our amazing new kits) out on the table top where they really belong!

We have had some great slow grows this year to get us all motivated: Counter Charge, BlackJack Legacy and Slow Grow OZ I am looking at you!

But we want to give you even more encouragement. So how shall we do this…

Rum, Rum, Rum!

What we needed was an incentive – so OBVIOUSLY I started by buying a barrel of rum, and then we came up with a plan from there. Once I figure out how to ship alcohol internationally (without going to jail for smuggling), tournament participants and winners will be rewarded in a few ways – kicking off this week at Clash of Kings. 

Tournament winners always get prizes, but now we have a new event reward for the best-painted Mantic army. Yes, they’ll get a bottle of in-world Dwarven Rum!  

Here is the first pass at the label…. 

We will be giving away the first 3 bottles of Goblin Blaster at Clash of Kings this weekend. Keep an eye on our social media to see us visiting the White Peak Distillery where the rum is handcrafted by Dwarven brewers (alright, it’s actually some nice folks from Derby but that’s roughly the same thing).  

Next, it’s about time we had a new bard miniature. Anyone attending an event with an official Mantic army will get a Ronnie the B’stard mini (naturally his stats are AMAZING) and these will never be sold or released elsewhere. You’ll only be able to get him by participating with a Mantic army – and everyone who does gets one the first time you use that army in an event.  

So with free rulebooks, a massive global campaign driving the future narrative, cool rewards for fielding official Mantic minis, the return of the Twilight Kin, and a brand new Clash of Kings book just around the corner….*inhale*….we hope you’ll agree that the future for Kings of War is a Shining One (see what I did there)!

Make sure to come and join us (and bring all your gaming pals) on what’s set to be a truly epic journey. 

Best wishes everyone! Keep rolling well and speak soon, 


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