Whether they are tasked with plundering an enemy camp, burning their stores, stealing information or the assassination of an enemy commander, the scouting parties of the Vanguard are always in the thick of the action, operating alone and in the greatest of danger. These are fantasy Special Ops forces!

Kings of War: Vanguard is almost here! Pre-orders will be going live from 4pm (BST) on Monday, September 17th. Here’s why you, yes YOU, should be quivering with anticipation about one of the sexiest fantasy skirmish games ever.


If you’ve always loved fantasy – and Kings of War looks so good – but the thought of painting 100+ models has just been too much… then Kings of War: Vanguard is the thing for you!

Warbands are made up of just 10 miniatures or so, which means you can get up and running lightning fast! The rules are designed to get you battling it out in no time, but there are plenty of hidden tactics and synergies for you to uncover as your warband grows…

And because we are such nice guys (and to help you get started with Vanguard), we’re going to have not 1, but 2 special rulebook offers. There’s a try before you buy, and a special on the 160-page hardback rulebook until launch, so please don’t miss out when pre-orders go live on Monday.


We’ve designed Vanguard to be played as one-off games, but for those who want to go a little deeper, you can also play through an action-packed campaign. You’re able to create your company of elites (and a few grunts!), assign them special roles, equip them with the best items and then head into the danger zone!

There are 28 pages of detailed campaign rules in the rulebook, so as your fighters gain experience, they’ll learn new, more powerful abilities and become your warband, with your story.

We’ve been busy creating our own warbands here at Mantic. From next week you’ll be able to read about the progression of our warbands in a series of blogs (the tale of the 47 gamers).


Vanguard and Kings of War complement each other and harmoniously work together. All the 12 missions in the Vanguard rulebook have optional hooks with Kings of War, so your Vanguard skirmishes can have implications in your larger battles.

Not only that but Vanguard is helping us create entirely new units and heroes for Kings of War that will be introduced via the annual Clash of Kings supplement. So, the bigger Vanguard gets, the bigger KoW becomes too! Oh, and the models are all compatible – so if you just fancy some new heroes for your KoW army then Vanguard releases have you covered  


Vanguard has helped us create the biggest miniature we’ve ever produced: the plastic fantasy giant! Although this mountain of a model is officially released in January, we’ll have limited numbers available for the Vanguard launch too. Pre-orders go live at 4pm (BST) on Monday and we’re expecting this whopper to sell FAST!


Forget just having a Kings of War: Vanguard week, over the next month across the blog, third parties and social media, we will be going Vanguard crazy. Every day we’ll have a mix of rules articles, short stories, painting tutorials, how to play videos, interviews, podcasts and even a competition or 3! All this coverage is going to bring Vanguard and Kings of War to audiences old and new. Make sure you join us on the blog, Facebook and Twitter!

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