We’ve had some requests for some Kings of War news so…

2012 is a big year for our Kings of War system. It will be the game that gets a full 144 page ‘complete’ rulebook. By then we will have had three years of play-testing, and two years with feedback from the hobby community – and both Alessio and I feel the system is much stronger for that ‘open beta’ involvement. It will have been through a number of tournaments and lots of gaming by then – both big campaigns and small skirmishes, so the end result is a balanced compelling gaming system.

2012 will not only see the ‘big’ rulebook, complete with basic and advanced rules, but also a complete choice of army lists (2 spaces up for grabs so get suggesting!) with background and art and a comprehensive hobby section, but there are also other developments afoot to keep the gaming system at the forefront of public involvement and constantly developing – so keep watching for more news on this.

We know that with the bar set so high by so many other good games out there, if KoW is going to stand out as a mass battle fantasy gaming system with long-term legs, particularly one trying to involve both the casual players and the hard-core tournament players, then it has to achieve a number of key points:
1) It must work without major glitches, so yes – we will fix the Warmachine rules by then!!
2) It has to be an enjoyable gaming experience so that people walk away from their game with a warm merry glow (even if they lost!)
3) And the system must offer balanced army choices – so when you discuss it in the pub later you ‘know’ if that one dice role had gone the other way victory would have been yours!!
These key rules keep the system compelling and fun. We are certain that by the time the ‘final’ version hits the shelves in the middle of 2012 Kings of War will be all three of those – with bells on!
Cheers, and happy new year!


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