In Wargaming, painting your models is a huge part of the hobby. From carefully practicing your skills until you create a masterpiece, to making an army your own by painting them in a certain scheme, it provides endless hours of enjoyment the world over.

We’ve worked hard to support this in Kings of War, having a long partnership with The Army Painter to provide acrylic water-based paints, brushes and primers to make getting a fully painted army on the tabletop as easy as possible. Now, we’re taking this one step further – creating new paints and sets specifically for Kings of War.

There are four of these sets for a variety of armies – Dwarfs, Greenskins, Ogres and Undead. Each set has a selection of paints selected for that army – so you’ll have everything you need to start painting your force, or add these new colours and effect paints to your palette.

You aren’t restricted to using these colours for the forces specified, either – why not use the Dwarf set with Abyssal Dwarfs, or the Greenskin set with Naiads?

You can read the full press release here. The full range will be released in August.

You can pre-order these new paint sets from our site right now! Why not pick up a new army with them as a project?

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