In our continuing series, Hunter Bulkeley introduces you to the Kings of War factions taking part in the Edge of the Abyss summer campaign. Today, he focuses on the malevolent Forces of the Abyss.

Who are the Forces of the Abyss?

More than just a rent in the earth, the Abyss is a jagged wound in the skin of reality itself. At the height of the God War, the Wicked One Oskan, the Father of Lies, was the most powerful of his kind. He battled Domivar the Unyielding, son of a mortal and Mescator, God of Justice, for the fate of the world. Besting the Father of Lies, Domivar lifted the Wicked One’s Black Axe, forged in the unending cold dark between the stars, and struck the earth. With all his divine spark behind the blow, Domivar ripped a hole in the fabric of Mantica. Into this hellscape, he imprisoned the surviving twenty-seven Wicked Ones, for he lacked the strength to kill them all. This heroic act cost Domivar his life, for no being even partly mortal could survive such an outpouring of energy.

Unfortunately, the Wicked Ones survived Domivar’s strike, imprisoned to this day within its seventh circle. Even a prison forged by such a great man as Domivar, however, cannot hold their foul powers completely. Though their physical forms remain locked in the depths, their corrupting energies pour through the rest of the Abyss. They have warped earth and flame to form demonic creatures within their domain, giving birth to the Abyssals.

Though one would think these creatures barbaric and wild, like the Orcs, the Abyssals exist in a highly regimented and organized society. The proximity which they dwell to their dark masters determines not only their status in their society, but also their inherent power., f or Abyssals feed off the foul energies that spill from their masters’ imprisoned forms. The strongest, the Archfiends, reside in the sixth circle of the Abyss and command Abyssal legions on their masters’ behalf. In the fifth, the Abyssal Champions construct mighty fortresses and try to attract the attention of their masters. Above, in the fourth circle, fiery Efreets, the children of Ariagful, forge terrible weapons to blight the surface world. Succubi walk the third circle, working their horrid machinations upon the slaves and souls captured in war. Once mortal horsemen patrol the second circle and endless armies seethe within the first circle, waiting for the Archfiends to send them forth to wreak havoc on the world.

The world dies where these armies step, for they carry the corruption of their home with them. The earth turns black, crops die, and water becomes foul, unfit to drink. Thus far, the Brotherhood and Basileans have managed to keep the hordes at bay, protecting the rest of the world with their lives, but that feeble line of castles can hold no longer. Whispers in the dark speak of the Wicked Ones, claiming their prison has weakened, and that Oskan himself prepares to flex his weakened bonds. What will happen when he does, none can say, but the Abyss stirs, hungry to spread its foul touch until all of Mantica lie within its hellish embrace.

How do they play?

This is a horde army which allows large numbers of Abyssals out of the pit onto the battlefield! The army can take plenty of punishment and keep going due to the army wide Fury rule. Your units may waver in combat but their retribution can be immediate! The army contains many fast units with a focus on melee combat, supported by flamebolt casting units and powerful champions and monsters.

What’s in the army

There are the leering legions of lesser abyssals, Larvae, Succubi and other creepy demonic monstrosities. Winged twisted gargoyles flap above in the skies while huge ogre-like demons known as Molochs march amongst the throng. Abyssal horsemen thunder towards the enemy as snarling hellhounds menace the enemy flanks. Efreets, Temptresses and Archfiends lead the army to war.

If you want to bring devastation and ruin to Mantica, you can use the code ABYSS10 to receive 10% off the Forces of the Abyss Army and Mega Army on the Mantic website. Next time, Hunter will be introducing the twisted Abyssal Dwarfs.

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