What is the beta test?

The main rules are pretty much locked down at this point so only some clarifications or minor edits are expected or required. Otherwise they are good to go.

The playtest scenario is the same as the one in the Alpha – it’s simple and is useful for balancing the forces. The other scenarios that will appear in the book will be tested once initial balancing work has been done on the faction lists.

Factions – the beta will initially only focus on the BASIC army lists that will appear in the book for each faction. The full lists will then be tested once the core elements have been and points values etc. have been balanced between and within the factions. Kickstarter backers get the expanded lists (card decks) for the warbands they’ve pledged to receive: Nightstalkers, Basileans, Forces of the Abyss and Northern Alliance.

How do I take part?

Play some games! And then post feedback on the Mantic Forum in one of the following ways:

  • Create a [BATREP] thread where you describe your game, the make-up of the warbands and the result. Include any good or bad points about the rules or the units in the game. Is anything too good or too weak? Is anything pointed incorrectly? (e.g. thread subject “[BATREP] Dwarfs vs FoN”). If a combo is too powerful or a game breaking selection of units is possible (e.g. spamming something) this also needs highlighting (in fact please go out of your way to find them so we can fix them!).
  • Create a [DISCUSSION] thread for a particular topic you want covered. (e.g. “[DISCUSSION] Should trees be allowed to branch out?”)
  • Create a [SUGGESTION] thread if you have a good idea you would like considered. (e.g. “[SUGGESTION] Pink goblins in rah-rah skirts”

The main goal of the beta at this point is to get the balance and points values right for all the core units in the lists, plus make sure all abilities are useful. We’ve included a smattering of command, support models etc. If a warband is hard to build due to the units we’ve made available, let us know and we’ll juggle things around.

The beta rules, scenario and all the basic faction lists are available below:

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