In today’s blog we’re taking a look at the background behind the terrifying Nightstalkers. The Nightstalkers were once a group of Elves, known as the Conclave of Heaven.

The Conclave attracted the attentions of a celestial being known as Oskan who taught them how to travel the paths between worlds. The Elves became obsessed with travelling along the ‘ways’ and eventually spent more and more time letting their minds drift across the cosmic ether.

However, when the Fenulian Mirror was smashed – ripping the Celestians in two – the souls of those Elves travelling along the ways became trapped. Now these once benevolent beings have been warped and twisted into the terrifying Nightstalkers. They feed on the nightmares of mortals and emotions such as fear, hatred and pride. The Nightstalkers take on many forms – often perceived by different races in different ways, depending upon their superstitions.


The shattered remains of the spirit and mind of an Elven Mage-queen, a Banshee is a hideous ghost that glitters with supernatural hoarfrost. It will screech its rage and bitterness across the battlefield in a terrible wail that can drive back the unwilling recipients with an almost physical force.


The Shade is made of Phantoms that have fused together when trying to consume one another and end their suffering. Shades are indeterminate forms that shift between fleeting glimpses of melted faces and a vapour of blood and flickering lights.


Armour is of little use against the probing and invasive psychic attacks of this insidious and devious monstrosity. Victims fall to the ground screaming silently, their hands clasped to bleeding ears. Their comrades are powerless to help them… as they feel the same brain shattering horror too.


In dreams the zombie-like scarecrows are always right behind you, shuffling relentlessly and endlessly, no matter how fast you run. A sickly fixed smile spreads across their face as they raise their sickle, ready for the final blow.


Armed with a bewildering array of wicked looking knives, limbs, claws and scythes, Reapers stalk the dreams of those who abhor wanton violence, torture or pain, hell-bent on delivering their worst fears.


These are phantasms that appear as cloaked, floating bodies. Their partially hooded heads reveal glimpses of the screaming and bloody skulls of those souls permanently trapped between worlds.


Butchers are uncompromising, unsubtle and brutally efficient killers. To many they appear as a horrific hybrid of ogre, golem and squid, with massive cleavers in their many hands covered in gore.


Huge, black, twin-headed canines with gnashing jaws and fur matted with vile ectoplasm, the Shadowhounds prey on the fears of their foes. They hunt in packs and even if you do manage to escape these foul beasts, their howls will haunt your dreams until the end of days.


These freakish and malformed beings were once a delegation of dwarfen Stone Priests that were on a diplomatic and academic exchange with the elven magic schools when catastrophe struck. Now only bearing a vague semblance to the esteemed and intelligent sorcerers they used to be, their warped and broken bodies channel the bitter winds of the shadow worlds.

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