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Launch Event, Singles & Surveys!

13th Feb 2024

Clive Stone

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’d know we’ve re-released this great game as a part made to order, part pre-order to ship out later this year. So far it’s had a fantastic response – lots of people coming on board to collect for the first time and veterans grabbing those waves they missed.

We are even hosting a mini open day this coming Saturday (tickets are here!) – tickets actually sold out of the initial allocation, but we’ve added more for those who want to come along and play, chat, and have a look at the very large pile of clearance products we have dug out of storage…

We’ve also got a handy frequently asked questions section on the preorder website, that covers off many of the common questions we see for The Walking Dead preorder: FAQ

Looking for Singles? What do you do?
From March 2024 onwards, we will be listing up every character (that’s either a Resin or Plastic mini, plus their character card) onto our website for you to purchase individually. We had planned for this to be August, but much like the Walkers in our favourite post-apocalyptic setting, we couldn’t hold back the masses any longer.

What if I can’t get to Mantic but I want the goodies too?
Fear not… Whatever is left after the open day will hit the Mantic Website in very limited numbers to grab now and will be posted out like a regular web order. We did find a few very, very sought after items though…. Like some of those Neoprene mats we offered up previously.

Why don’t you make this faction for me?
Well… your time may come yet! Sometime in March, we plan to send out a survey asking you exactly what you would like to see us make for The Walking Dead in 2025 and onwards. The game is sticking around for a while yet, and we’re keen to flesh out our future range for it and ensure its full of fan favourites and you’ll get a chance to help.

Join Ronnie and I on the 17th Feb at Mantic HQ for more Walking Dead fun.