Mantic Games North America!

20th Jan 2020

Pat Lewis

Allright, allright, allright!  2020 is upon us and it’s time for the Mantic North America convention schedule to start up again.  We’re going to have a busy next couple of months.

Starting in February we’re going to be at C2E2 at The McCormick Place in Chicago.  The dates for this convention are Feb 28th to the March 1st. This will be one of the last places to grab the remaining Hellboy Kickstarter boxes.  We’ll have Nimue if you haven’t had a chance to grab it already and few other special things.

March 25-29th will have us at AdeptiCon once again.  All of the National Championship will be held at AdeptiCon.  Vanguard and Dreadball Championships will be held on Friday, and Deadzone and Kings of War: Clash of Kings will be held on Saturday.  Sign up for you spot soon.  Be sure to get in the Clash of Kings to win a chance to play in the Clash of Kings in the UK, trip paid for (some restrictions apply).

The 3rd Annual Brush With Death will also be held at AdeptiCon.  So bring you best painted model and win THE BRUSH WITH DEATH.  The catagories for Brush With Death are Fantasy Singe Model, Fantasy Unit, Fantasy Warmachine/Monster, Sci-Fi Single Model, Sci-Fi Unit, Sci-Fi Vehicle.

Also at AdeptiCon will have Mantic Open Night once again with a Q&A and some great games to be played afterwards.  See upcoming post with more information on ticket sales and what to expect.

And in April we will be at Little Wars in Lombard, IL.  The dates for Little Wars are April 23rd to the 26th.  We’ll be hosting a few games plus a Kings of War tournament.

Stay tuned for the middle of the years conventions.