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Salute is the biggest event in the UK wargaming calendar (well, apart from the Mantic Open Days, of course) and this Saturday (April 22nd) we’ll be there in style! For starters, we’ll be celebrating the launch of Warpath – our epic sci-fi battle game – and we’ll have the UK launch of the show exclusive Lee and Clementine booster for The Walking Dead: All Out War.

Our Salute highlights include:

  • FREE MINI! come to the Mantic stand (TB03) and claim your free Walking Dead: All Out War Walker. That’s right, a cool miniature that’s completely free… while stocks last.
  • THE UK LAUNCH OF LEE AND CLEMENTINE! This will be your first opportunity to pick up the show exclusive Lee and Clementine Walking Dead booster in the UK and we’ll have very limited numbers at Salute. Don’t worry, the set will be available online during the Mantic Open Day on May 6th too.
  • TRY OUT WARPATH! We’ll be holding demos inspired by the Operation Heracles Two-player Battle Set, giving you the chance to go hands-on with the swift and deadly Enforcers or the stalwart Forge Fathers.
  • CAN YOU SURVIVE AGAINST THE UNDEAD? Take to the streets of Atlanta in our Walking Dead: All Out War demos.
  • PAINT YOUR OWN WALKER! Spend some time carefully adding horrific blood effects and gore to a Walking Dead miniature before taking it home to scare your friends.
  • INCREDIBLE WARPATH DEALS! We’ll have a very limited number of the Kickstarter Battlegroups available, including Enforcers, Forge Fathers, Asterians and Veer-myn for £60 each, plus we’ll have GCPS for £50 and Marauder support for £30. You better be quick because they’re bound to go fast!
  • ANOTHER INCREDIBLE WARPATH DEAL! Along with the Battlegroups, you can get an expanded Operation Heracles set, which includes a tonne of Forge Fathers and Enforcers, plus tokens, dice and the Warpath Rulebook Collection, all for just £100!
  • THE WALKING DEAD DEAL! What’s that? You still haven’t played The Walking Dead: All Out War! Well, this is your chance to buy the Core Game and the Days Gone Bye expansion for just £50 (saving almost £10) or you can get a massive Atlanta bundle for £100, giving you everything you need to recreate the story of Rick Grimes as he reunites with his family.

Mantic Games at Salute

However, don’t worry if you can’t make it to Salute because we’ll be recreating some of the deals above on the Mantic website this weekend and, of course, Warpath armies and the Operation Heracles Two-player Battle Set will be available from your local gaming store soon or during the Mantic Open Day on May 6th.

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