Hi everyone! We’re back with some more of your Hobby Heroes and today we’ve got an international flare to the proceedings. Just in case you’ve missed our previous blogs, we’re previously awarded the prestigious title of Hobby Hero to:

For today’s Hobby Heroes we’re looking at those individuals that have helped bring Mantic products to non-English speaking countries. Often this can be one of the toughest community tasks around. Not only do you have to convince people to play a new game, you potentially have to convince them to play a game that’s written in an entirely different language… and we’re not talking elvish.

With that in mind, we were delighted to see so many emails from people that nominated individuals/groups that are going above and beyond to establish Mantic communities in new countries.


These first two Hobby Heroes had nominations from around the globe: Spain, Argentina, Chile, etc. But all had one thing in common – they said what fantastic work these YouTube channels do to introduce Kings of War to Spanish-speaking communities around the world.

So, we’re happy to award two Hobby Heroes – Snake Eyes and KowDemic. Both of these (often sharing the same nomination) were among the most popular groups nominated.

One of the typical emails we received was: “I’d like to nominate the guys from KowDemic and Snake Eyes. They have been uploading content in Spanish teaching how to play (even for beginners), how to play on Universal Battles and covering several international tournaments almost every week.”

Plus: “They have done a lot to keep the hobby alive in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries in these hard months and have also had a key contribution to get the Spanish speaking community around a WhatsApp chat they created, which has stretched the international links between different communities.”

Well done KowDemic and Snake Eyes we salute you. We won’t embarrass ourselves by attempting anything in Spanish.


Next, we’re heading to Germany to say a big thank you to Wolfgang Kuwaldt! Germany is one of the biggest gaming communities in the world but, despite that, it’s not always easy to get people playing.

Thankfully, we might be able to help with that soon because the German version of Third Edition is getting closer… better late than never, right? However, despite the lack of a German rulebook, Wolfgang has been busy establishing a German Kings of War community.

Let’s have a look at some of the things YOU had to say about Wolfgang!

“Despite COVID he managed to organize the first ever German GT, it went ahead with reduced numbers and huge safety steps. The guy went to a huge amount of extra time and effort. He is also active pretty much daily on the Germany Kings of War WhatsApp chat, and he is always super, super positive and excited.”

“He’s been the life of the German speaking Mantic and KoW community, successfully organizing the first ever KoW GT in Germany in the middle of a pandemic, and working to network across Germany to support the growth of KoW.”

Congratulations to all our Hobby Heroes today. We’ll be back tomorrow with another thrilling instalment.

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