The Mantic Club returns to its Monday night slot on 22nd January. And it has evolved, so read on:

Packed gaming hall + hottest day of the year = overheating players!

Mantic Monday Club

When we last discussed #ManticMonday we had a regular club night on Mondays. With a break over the festive period we took the opportunity to review what was going on and how we could improve things in 2018. So here we are, now in 2018, and looking to invite our friends around to play games again.

  1. It’s free
  2. It’s fortnightly (5.15pm to 9pm)
  3. We’re hosting tutorials and bespoke games
  4. Campaigns

It’s Free

We have dropped the ticket system which means we can make it free to play. Not only that, but there is no longer a limit on the number of friends who can swing by. The Gaming Hall is set up with 8 tables and a painting area, so we can host a load of games and gamers!

If you’re in the area, swing by to play a game with a friend or pop in to try out a demo game. There will always be something going on, so you’re guaranteed a game or can watch others playing to learn the ropes.

It’s Fortnightly (5.15pm-9pm)

Perhaps the biggest change is that Mantic Monday Club will be run every fortnight. This allows us to arrange for cool stuff such as tutorials and bespoke games. We’re confident that the relaxing of the schedule will mean you’ll be better able to take part in the campaigns we have planned. Also, we realise that not everyone can make it weekly (pesky real-life getting in the way) so this will ensure every Club Night is packed.

Tutorials and Bespoke Games

As we’re not quite a normal club, we are putting on additional things, like free tuition on painting and modelling. Some examples include Terrain Weathering and Painting Vehicles. As well as this, we’ll throw in hosted games, such as multi-player DreadBall Ultimate, or a bespoke Deadzone ‘Robot Arena’. If you have an idea about a game you’d like to see, leave a Comment, below.


This is a catch-all for themed games that will run across multiple club nights. If you want to get a lot of games in then this is your opportunity! Here are the two campaigns  that we are launching with:

DreadBall Pre-season (Jan/Feb). Set up as a straightforward learn-to-play opportunity, we want you to find your feet and get a feel for the Galaxy’s Greatest Sports Game. The Pre-season will strip DreadBall to its basics, so will utilise:

  • The Recommended Team set-up
  • Resurrection style games, so your team resets before each match
  • No Captains or other league paraphernalia

DreadBall Season I (Mar/Apr). Is a logical extension of the Pre-season where we will introduce elements of league play – including player casualties! This will culminate in a ‘Season Cup’ game and the opportunity to let loose with DreadBall Ultimate!

Mantic Monday Club At A Glance

  Campaign  Tutorials and Hosted Games
22nd DreadBall Pre-season
5th DreadBall Pre-season Tutorial: Terrain Weathering
19th DreadBall Season I Bespoke Game: Deadzone Robot Arena
5th DreadBall Season I Tutorial: Eye Catching Uniforms
19th DreadBall Season I Hosted Game: Firefight
2nd ** No Club night due to Bank holiday **
16th DreadBall Season I Finale Tutorial: Tackling Vehicles

Thanks for reading. If you’re local we hope to see you on Mondays – and if you’re passing through, come by and get a game in! You can arrange games and see what’s taking place with the handy Mantic Monday Club Facebook Group.

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