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Firefight: 2-player set unboxing.

With all the excitement for Firefight very much in full swing, Ronnie couldn’t wait to get his hands on a copy! We are sure you are all dying to see what you get in this Monstrous sized box and want to feast your eyes on a close up or two, so without further ado…

If that video has your mouth watering for Marauders or eager for Enforcers and most importantly Thirsty for Firefight, then head on over to the Firefight page or check out the Firefight How To Play videos in this Article!

Firefight 2 player starter set contents

Firefight will start shipping from April 19th


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This fantastic starter set boasts over 70 highly detailed Mantic miniatures, rule and force lists books, a quick start guide, dice and tokens. This box is a great way of introducing players to the Warpath Universe and the immersive, tactical and action-packed tabletop game of Firefight.

Keep up to date with the latest Firefight news here.

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A mix of species from the same sector of space, the Marauders are a motley crew of hardened fighters that, when organised well, are more than a match for most opponents, both in terms of muscle and also tactical know-how. This set is a great way to start your Marauder army, or expand an existing force to challenge your opponents and take your rightful place in the galaxy!

Learn more about the game and keep up to date with the latest Firefight news here.

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This combo-pack combines both the Firefight Rule and Force Lists book with a sheet of tokens for use in the game. Perfect for players with existing Warpath Universe models looking to jump into Firefight.

Learn more about the game and keep up to date with the latest Firefight news here.

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