On this episode, John and Chopper are joined by 1/2 of the dynamic duo from Deadzone the Podcast.  Rob Harper, the boy wonder, chat with the guys about Kings of War, the Summer Campaign, the new things about the Veer-Myn for Deadzone and all the goodness that will be happening at Gen Con.  Special thank to Jack for letting Rob try to shine on his own….


00:00 – 15:19          Intro/Kings of War

15:20 – 30:42          Deadzone

30:43 – 51:54          Warpath

51:55 – 1:00:59       The Walking Dead: All Out War

1:01:00 – 1:11:47    The Road to Gen KHHAANN!

1:11:48 –                 Wrap up/Outro


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