Simple Reb!  Mantic North America is live, and also not live, at Adepticon. Chopper and Jonny P get a few drinks in Ronnie and he spills the beans about new Kings of War stuff, a possible re-release of Dreadball, and what the future of Mantic has in store. During the first half of the show you will hear a recap of Adepticon 2016 including coverage of the Kings of War Clash of Kings and Team Tournaments, Dreadball NADC Championship, and the Deadzone 2.0 demos going on. 

00:00:00 Intro / Mantic Open Night

00:28:47 Kings of War

00:53:20 Dreadball

01:09:33 Dungeon Saga / Wrap-Up

01:15:19 Ronnie Q&A from Adepticon 2016


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