The next Mantic Open Day is fast approaching, so we wanted to let you know about what you can expect from November’s exciting event. Just in case you’ve never been to a Mantic Open Day before, it can pretty much be summed up with the following: lots of activity, lots of bargains, lot of sneak peeks and lots of spoilers from Ronnie about what’s coming up in the future.


We’ll be theming the Open Day around The Walking Dead (which is shambling towards us on the horizon ready to bite). There will be demo games to see if you can survive the Walker onslaught, a seminar with rules designer Mark Latham and you can dress up for the chance to win prizes in our Walking Dead cosplay competition. We’ll have some great bundle deals in our shop for those getting started with The Walking Dead. Also, we’ll be giving you the opportunity to paint a Walker, which you can then take home.

Brush with Death

Brush with Death

Talking of painting, we’ll be launching our new painting competition: ‘Brush with Death’, where attendees will have the chance to show off their painting skills for all to see, in the hopes of taking home one of our exclusive Brush with Death trophies. What’s more, we hope to include photographs of the Brush with Death entries in an upcoming Mantic Compendium. The categories for Brush with Death are: Mantica single miniature, Mantica unit, Warpath Universe single miniature and Warpath Universe Deadzone gang. We’ll have more details about how to enter soon but, in the meantime, you can get cracking with your painting. Oh, and if you want to get more tips on improving your paint jobs, our resident award-winning painter Dave Neild will be on-hand to offer tips.

Kings of War

Elsewhere, Kings of War Rules Committee Veteran Nick Williams will be hosting a series of KoW seminars in which he talks about tactics and creating your own units. And on the Kings of War front, in preparation for next year’s epic Summer Campaign and Clash of Kings event, we’ll be hosting a Kings of War Army Service – bring in your army list and we’ll come up with a great price and pack your army ready for you to take home on the day.


Continuing the Kings of War theme, Richard Heath and the Chesterfield Open Gaming Society (COGs) will be putting on a huuuuuuuuge Kings of War display game with up to 12 armies clashing on the battlefield. If you’re interested in taking part, Richard has a few spaces available for participants, so please email if you want to take part.

We’ll also have some unique scenarios for you to try out for some of our games, including Dungeon Saga and Deadzone, and everything will be set up ready for you to play.

Crazy boxes

Finally the shop will be open all day and we’ll be offering visitors the chance to pick up a Crazy Box before anyone else! The Crazy Boxes are typically packed with dozens of great Mantic miniatures and during the Open Day you can be the FIRST to get your copy.

The Mantic Open Day takes place on Saturday, November 26th.  A single ticket costs £9.99, a group ticket for four people is £31.99 and children under 12 are FREE.

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