With the success of last year’s Open Day, this year’s will be held on Saturday 9th July in Nottingham, and we’ve already got star celebrities signed up including Alessio Cavatore, Jake Thornton, Golem, Bob Naismith and many more!

Yes boys, there’s another Open Day!

The star attraction of the show will be the giant participation game “Descent of the Liche King.” This is a two-part game where player’s will command either an unholy Undead/Orc alliance or the hastily put together Elf/Dwarf coalition in a big game of Kings of War ran by Alessio Cavatore throughout the morning.

The Liche King’s power has no match; his fury no bounds…

In the afternoon, depending on the outcome of the first game, player’s will take to the Dwarfen Hold, either as the Liche King seeks to steal an ancient staff protected by the Dwarfs or, if the Undead lose in the morning, escape through the catacombs with the Dwarfs in hot pursuit! This mega-game of Dwarf King’s Hold will be run by Jake Thornton and will see your actions decide the final outcome of the war.

The event itself is really exciting and what’s awesome about this is we’ll even be making the scenario available to download so even if you can’t get to the open day, you can still take part from home and join in via our forums and Facebook!

Alessio will be running special time challenges
in the afternoon

We’re also hoping to build this into a much larger event in future years to come and Tickets for this years event are now available to pre-order (don’t worry, you’ll more than make the ticket price back in freebies!) – prices will be going up on the 1st June so you have just under 3 weeks to get yours!

Watch this space and the blog for more details, guests and activities!

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