While your kids may be on break from school we’re still working. Mantic HQ is open during the week so you can swing by and catch up with us. Read on and find out more…

See how our metal miniatures are cast during the tour and take one home with you!

Click here for the Weekday and Sunday Tour Tickets

Holiday Discount and Dates

To celebrate your being off work due to the [Nottingham] school break we thought we’d give you an incentive to come visit. From 1st to 13th April we’re discounting the Tour tickets by 20%.

NOTE: There are no Tours on the 2nd, 7th, and 8th of April.

Tour Content

The Weekday Tour is around 2 hours long. This personally guided time at HQ consists of:

  • A seminar on model production for both resin and metal
  • Visit our metal and resin production facilities (neither are live on the weekend)
  • Receive a FREE Mantic HQ Exclusive miniature* (cast for you Monday-Friday)
  • A demo game of your choice**
  • Visit the Gaming Hall, with display cabinets of Studio models and previews
  • The Mantic Store will be open
  • Complimentary tea or coffee
  • Possible sighting of a wild Ronnie in his natural environment
  • Access to the gaming hall to play all day (Sundays only)

*- choose from: Dwarf King; or Enforcer Sgt. Howlett. Both worth £7.99
**- choose from The Walking Dead: All Out War, DreadBall, Star Saga, or Deadzone

Browse our well-stocked shop and potentially pick up a shop-exclusive bargain!

Tour Cost & Ticket Links

Tickets during the school holidays are only £7.50 £6.00 and include a FREE model, plus 2-hours of things to do as listed above. Booking in advance is recommended, though you can also purchase a ticket on site (please call in advance to check availability).

There are two time slots each day:

  1. 10am-12pm Monday (not the 2nd) to Friday; 11am-1pm Sunday 1st April
  2. and 2pm-4pm Monday*** to Friday, and Sunday 1st April

Click here for the Weekday and Sunday Tour Tickets

***- Fortnightly Mondays we host our Mantic Monday Club, so you can stay around and play games with us until 9pm!


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