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Mantic Vault FAQs

10th May 2023

Dan Mapleston

Welcome to the Vault…

On Wednesday evening (on YouTube) we have just revealed our long-rumoured plans for 3D-printing fans!

We’re about to enter a brave new world and launch our wonderful new STL library, with a growing collection of files that will be available either as themed packs or on subscription.

We’re sure you’ve got lots of questions, so let’s get into the nuts and bolts of how it will work:

You make and sell miniatures – are you mad?

Quite probably – but Mantic has always pushed the boundaries in exciting and innovative ways! We have a growing fanbase that’s been asking us to look at 3D-printing technology, and that’s where the idea for the Mantic Vault was born. Now you’ll be able to download packs of amazing official sculpts, printable at home, while supporting the game systems that you love.


What makes you different from other companies offering both digital rules and sculpts online?

All our digital content (rules/tools/sculpts) is properly designed for real wargames, with original worlds and official miniatures that we’ve invested a lot of time and passion into. We believe that the wargaming community will see the benefit of rallying behind an honest and authentic option that supports games that they love – and helps us to grow and develop them even more in the future.


Is it the whole range?

This is a new way of having many of our previously resin-exclusive sculpts delivered to your 3D printer with the click of a mouse. The Vault isn’t replacing our hard plastic sprues, which are already widely available from our brilliant retail partners both online and offline.

In addition to complete sculpts (like our impressive Armada ships), we’ll also be offering popular upgrades that you can use to customise our plastic kits (like the Storm Giant arms/head).

We will have different factions in our monthly STL packs, and if you’re collecting an army that currently uses resin upgrade kits this will offer amazing value. Buy once and print as many as you need!


Will there be Vault exclusives?

Yes. Many of these will be ‘cosmetic upgrades’ that enhance immersion without any direct impact on gameplay. There are also certain things we would love to make that are simply too big to cast in a traditional resin mould. For example, we are doing some 3D-printable terrain for Armada – but that hasn’t stopped us from doing other Armada terrain kits in resin! We even have some previously unreleased sculpts planned as surprises…


I don’t have a 3D printer – can I still use the Vault?

Yes – you can still buy any file pack you want and ask a local 3D-printing service, hobby shop, or friend to print it for you!


Are these files just for personal use?

Yes, your license will cover personal use only. We’re making these official files available in good faith that our awesome community will use them legally and as intended. We have no initial plans for commercial licenses, but we will review this regularly now that the service is up and running.


Is this another subscription?

Yes and no! You can subscribe to get file packs cheaper and earlier, but anyone can buy STL packs as a one-off purchase to complete your collection (three months after we first release them).

If you’re a Companion subscriber: you can upgrade your subscription to access both services combined for less than £10 a month. You just need to use the same login details across both the Companion and Vault sites.

We’re getting things rolling with an early-bird price, and there are even further savings for companion subscribers – as you can see below. These discounts will run for the lifetime of your subscription(s) once you lock them in, so represent an awesome deal:

We’re known for being generous, so we will have a ‘welcome pack’ of bonus STL files for subscribers to get stuck into, which will keep expanding as time goes on.

We also have 2 free Armada ship STL files available just for registering: the noble Basilean Gur Panther and the fearsome Orc Blood Runner. Go and check them out now!


Where can I find it?

Just head straight over to, and enjoy a good look around!

You can create an account right now: our first pack of files is already available for you to get stuck into.

Future packs will be launching on the first of each month. So what’s coming next? Check out a hint below of what’s coming for June 2023 and July 2023, and we have lots more planned for the future…


Sounds great!

It certainly does: the future is here! Living rulebooks, automatic errata/updates, every army list, every new expansion, list building, and now a growing STL library of official miniatures for our major game systems – all at your fingertips. What a time to be a miniature wargamer!

None of these innovations will replace our core business of games, rules, and model kits but we hope that offering all these extra options to the wargaming community will make it easier than ever for more of you to enjoy our fabulous games!


Happy printing everybody,

Ronnie & The Team

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