Following on from our fantastic bundles last week, we’ve put together a couple more! Featuring the new releases plus extra miniatures, at a discount to buying separately, every bundle is a 500 point force in it’s own right! If you are just getting started, you and a friend could each pick one of these bundles and be able to get playing straight away, using the ready-made army lists, knowing that your forces will be totally balanced withe each other.

Slaves of Zarak

Rarely do the Abyssal Dwarfs themselves take to war. Their numbers are few and they prefer opulence and cruelty, rather than actual combat. Because of this, many Abyssal Dwarf armies field legions of Slave Orcs. These tortured creatures are pressed into combat and sadistic Slave Drivers, who sell their services (and slaves) for high prices amongst the Abyssal Dwarfs. Through barbed lash and barked command, the Abyssal Dwarfs overwhelm their opponents through numbers. Halfbreeds are also put under the charge of the Slave Drivers – their devolved nature making the difficult to control on the battlefield. The Slave Drivers care not – one beast is the same as another – all will obey them in the end.


With a Slave Orcs horde, a Slave Driver and a Regiment of Halfbreeds, this army will out number most opponents. Use the Slave Orcs to tie your opponent’s force down, before executing devastating flank charges with the Abyssal Halfbreeds. The full list for this bundle can be found here.

Monsters of the Crypts

Across Mantica every tomb, crypt, catacomb and graveyard plays host to horrific creatures. Sustaining themselves on the flesh of the deceased, they eventually work their way up to the living who visit these places to mourn. Funeral precessions are now guarded by heavily armoured Paladins, lest they be devoured by should or worse. On the dark, cold nights, inhuman howls and screams echo throughout these forsaken places as the monsters stalk forth, hungry for flesh.


If you fancy fielding a horde of Monsters, then look no further! With 40 ghouls, three zombie trolls and a Lykanis, you’ll be able to tear your foes apart and devour them whole. Use the Lykanis and ghouls to range ahead and flank your opponent, whilst the Zombie trolls are a solid bulwark for your army. The full list for this bundle can be found here.

The Slaves of Zarak and Monsters of the Crypts bundles and the new units for Kings of War are available to Pre-Order now and will be shipping at the end of March!


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