Martin ‘The Lifelong Ogre Player ™’

16th Nov 2022

Martin Thirlwell

Hello, Martin here! Yes I am still using that same ‘joke’ every time I start a new army 🙂 

I know i have said this a few times already, but i honestly think the new Ogres are the BEST plastic frame we have ever done. Kudos to Matt, Dave and Luigi in the studio for delivering such awesomeness for us all to throw glue and paint at!

So to put my money where my mouth is I’ve parked the 17 other hobby projects I have going on and decided to dive right in and build an Ogre army myself.

I spoke to you my own personal sage of Kings of War, Kyle, to give me a start on what to build for my first 2300 points.

Ogre Warriors (3 x Regiments)

Chariots (1 x Boomer and 1 x Warrior Regiment)

Boomers! (1 x Horde)

Siege Breakers (2 x Hordes – waiting for resin)

Sergeants on Chariots (2)

Heroes! (ummm LOTS)

The Boomer Sergeant and Berserker Bully
I am using a converted Matriarch as NomNom. The Warlord in the middle and a couple of Warlocks. I have more heroes than i need, but they are such good models i am painting them all!

The next things to get are some Braves and Hunters as they have just been moved from metal into glorious resin moulds. Yum Yum!

For a colour scheme I am sticking to their militaristic origins and going for green and camouflage if I can pull it off… Plus I’m using the always reliable Terrain Crate Battlefield Essentials terrain to build scenic bases.

I will try and do semi-regular updates via the blog.. but you have also heard me say that joke before too… 🙂

Cheers! Martin.

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