Hey everyone, Martin here. So Rob thinks he is a funny guy and is constantly giving me grief about sticking to one hobby project at a time (now come on, who does that kind of madness?). And one of his utterly hilarious jokes is that I will NEVER complete a Kings of War army.

Not one to turn my back on a challenge and never to allow Rob any high ground what-so-ever, I have set to work on building a Nightstalker force ready for the Kings of War Doubles event in July!

I’ve really enjoyed painting up my Vanguard Nightstalker warband, so I can follow some of the themes I used for those through into the Army.

To start with I wanted to use as much cool stuff as possible from the new releases so I started with a Shadow-Hulk. This is a massive kit and I cant wait to get it painted – I have given it a zenithal highlight for now.

I love the look of the Butchers Block formation from Clash of Kings 19 so to fit alongside the Shadow Hulk I am part way through painting 2 Hordes of Butchers. This formation is 630 points so will be the bulk of the 1,000 points I need for the doubles. I did some hot water reposing (check an upcoming hobby tips video for details) of these guys and they have come out looking good (in an evil way of course)!

Next up is the Terror. Again another huge kit and the resin pieces fit together seamlessly – our resin wizard Ricky is a genius!! At 255 points he takes up another chunk of the army, but it’s worth it for the tentacles. This will be available individually in March but is included in the Nightstalker Mega Army set.

To help with shambling, I have picked a Horror Hero (oh look, I painted one up already for Vanguard… how handy). He has the Surge spell, which is now at (8) so pretty handy for getting the Shambling Butchers into combat!

That puts me at 975 points for the army, and allows me 25 points to play with for cool magic items. I’ll test these out with Elvis at some point soon.

I’ve also begun working towards a 2,000 points army and have started a Legion (pile) of Scarecrows, soon to be joined by 2 Reaper regiments to create the Grim Harvest formation. And I have my Butcher Fleshripper Hero from Vanguard to add to the Army (again, how incredibly handy). Finally I want to do a couple of Fiend Regiments as they are really cool models!

Just a final word on my basing. I wanted to create a theme of evil coming through the cracks but I want to make the rocks look pretty unusual. So I used some Turbo Dork colour shift paint, and used Vallejo Olive Green, P3 Necrotite Green and Vallejo Yellow to create the green glow. I also used some Terrain Crate on the Legion base…

So I’m well on the way to a full army – IN YOUR FACE BURMAN!! 🙂



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