By now you should all know that we’re currently gearing up for the Star Saga Kickstarter, which we’re confident will be something really special. With the foundations of Dungeon Saga, along with numerous gameplay improvements, it has all the charm of the original and a whole lot more plus, thanks to the lessons we’ve learned from creating The Walking Dead, it’ll be finished to a really high standard too… please take a look at the superb Kickstarter Edition in this unboxing video to see what we mean.

So, ahead of the Kickstarter launching on September 26th, we wanted to introduce you to the new members of the team who are working hard behind the scenes here at Mantic to ensure that our future endeavours are all delivered to the high standards that we set ourselves. There have been a lot of changes, particularly since the Dungeon Saga Kickstarter, and we wanted to make sure you were aware of the people we’ve brought in to help improve the way we run things. (Ronnie here – we have buried the bodies of the last lot somewhere in the Mantic Bunker)

Sadly for them, we dragged them all in front of the camera on a fairly miserable Tuesday afternoon to explain what they do… so enjoy watching!

Zak and Nathaniel – Customer Support

Rob – Social Media Manager

Matt Gilbert – Chief of Operations

Matt Hobday – Stock and Build Supervisor

Adam – Token American Corporate Bozo Head of Global Marketing


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