Hello and welcome to the Midweek Round-Up.

This is the Number One place to find all the best hobby content from in and around the Mantic community over the last week or so. See what your fellow painters have been up to, or even see if you have been featured! Find the latest videos from around the hobby and most importantly… get inspired to pick up that paintbrush.

You didn’t think they were called Butchers due to their barbaric in game combat skills did you? These guys are masters at their trade and really know their Frost Fang shank from their Brock brisket.

For some reason the fantastic Forge Fathers have gained quite the attention this week and it’s great to see so many amazingly well painted miniatures being shown off around the community. ThunderheadStudio was live on Twitch the last night, showing how well (and how quick) they can be painted using Army Painter’s new Speedpaints

BlackJack Legacy took a closer look at the Firefight rules for the Forge Fathers in his latest “Monday Night Live” show.

Rece showcased some of her commission work on Instagram and it’s safe the say we think the recipient will be very happy indeed.

Who else is incredibly jealous of this location and weather to play Kings Of War in? Maybe we should start a line of inflatable gaming tables, so you can play games and enjoy the pool at the same time?

It certainly would be a perfectly thematic place to play Armada! Take a look at this huge and stunning fleet of Twilight Kin from Chris Parillo, top job!

SirBastian Bales has also done a fantastic job on these Salamanders, those sails are brilliant. The free hand details are superb.

It’s always really fun and interesting seeing our miniatures painted in a different way to the artwork or to the “norm”. Paintstationminis has done that by steering clear of the reds of the Forces Of The Abyss and gone with a more cold blue and purple aesthetic.

That’s it for this week folks, be sure to check in again next week.
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