Hello and welcome to the Midweek Round-Up.

This is the Number One place to find all the best hobby content from in and around the Mantic community over the last week or so. See what your fellow painters have been up to, or even see if you have been featured! Find the latest videos from around the hobby and most importantly… get inspired to pick up that paintbrush.

First up, a great video from Kieran on his TikTok!

We really love the muted tones of this Halfling Forest Troll.

@kiesminis Pew Pew, Halfling gunner on a Forest Troll #manticgames #fyp #tabletop #miniaturepainting #ttrpg ♬ Battle Cries – Peyton Parrish

From Tiktok to Twilight Kin…

Top job on your fleet Chris!

It’s always great seeing people create their own water effects. Check out this previous blog on how our very own Martin did his HERE.

If you don’t fancy it yourself however, don’t forget you can buy Acrylic Bases for your fleet that look great too!

Frank has painted this Steel Warrior with quite a high contrast scheme with deep recess shading that we think looks fab!

Some say this Frost Giant’s favourite band is Eiffel65…

And if you got that reference you grew up in the 90s like me and you’re starting to feel old!

This incredible Deadzone board gives off some real nostalgic vibes to that classic rusty multiplayer map we’ve lost so much of our youth to.

Normally we see Nightstalkers in dark, horrific and moody paint schemes, so it’s great to see these Butchers in a bright purple that really makes them pop!

If all these great works have got you inspired to pick up the paintbrush, consider joining in with Counter Charge and their slow grow challenge! Find out all about it in the latest podcast.

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The Forest of Kharne and the swamps to the east of Yangmere are home to small tribes of forest trolls that have migrated from their traditional haunt to find a new home. The trolls themselves love a good fight and in times of need the halflings are able to recruit some of their most willing youngsters with the promise of adventure and the inevitable (although stomach-churning) feast that follows a glorious victory. The cunning halflings soon realised that there’s a good degree of safety to be had by riding on the back of a hungry killing machine where the enemy can’t reach you, but you can point a very large gun at them if they get too close.

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The Twilight Kin are the tyrants of the Infant Sea, a scourge to all noble races from the Eastern Reaches to the Golden Horn itself. From their hellish home around the Mouth of Leith, these raiders have become the stuff of nightmares – the terror in the night whose name old seadogs barely dare whisper.

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Humanity fights wars on many fronts across the stars. As quickly as a new colony and infrastructure are established, it is ruined or abandoned to alien incursions. Many armies still fight over these collapsing structures, relying on what little cover they can provide. Knowing that they have been abandoned, too.

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