More Big News – Kings Of War – End Of Year Road Map

9th Sep 2022

Jonny Mann

So far this week we’ve been through all the exciting developments in the Mega Ultra Kings of War Championship Deluxe Book, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

In today’s blog we’re detailing the Kings of War release roadmap to the end of the year. Strap in for a wild ride.



We’ve been talking about that all this week and you can pre-order now! This new rulebook compiles everything you love about Third Edition and more into one incredible volume.  

  • Core rules updated with the latest FAQ and errata 
  • Clash of Kings 2023 updates 
  • Uncharted Empires army lists 
  • Kings of War: Ambush – a new way to play based around armies under 1,000pts 
  • Legendary games – a new way to play based around armies of at least 3,000pts 
  • Siege Rules – updated for Third Edition
  • Rules for magic channeling tables 
  • Rules for creating your own monsters 


In October we’re also taking the opportunity to update the supremely useful Spell and Artefact Cards. You know these, they’re the little cards you use to remind yourself you’ve given a unit the Brew of Sharpness, instead of getting halfway through a game and realising you could have been crushing the opposition to a pulp because you had forgotten. The new cards feature all the updates include in the new rulebook. 

Kings of War 2022 Artefacts and Spells Deck


The eagerly awaited Stormbringer on Winged Slasher, along with the mighty Storm Giant make their presence felt on the battlefield. These new Riftforged releases book end the year nicely.


We’ve only just released a bunch of amazing new Empire of Dust miniatures, but the fun doesn’t stop there. We’re adding to the range with the addition of Dead-eye Crossbows and Revenants Troops.

MANTIC COMPANION APP: List Builder, Tournament Runner and more!

Another exciting development in October (date pending) is the release of Mantic’s own app. We’ll have more details about this in future articles, but we’re excited to be stepping into the digital world with our own, cutting edge gaming companion!



In November we’re going all out with brand-new, hard plastic ogres. Even better, this time they haven’t skipped leg day. We’re going to be delving deeper into these new ogres but, safe to say, these are some of the most exciting hard plastics we’ve made. 

The new hard plastic kit will make warriors with a hand weapon and shield, warriors with two-handed weapons and Boomers. But that’s not the only hard plastic on the horizon for ogres, as we’ll also have a hard plastic chariot kit too… which can also be used by many other armies too. 

The November releases for ogres include: 

  • Ogre Mega Army 
  • Ogre Army 
  • Ogre Warriors Horde 
  • Ogre Shooters Horde – resin upgrades 
  • Ogre Chariots 

(T-Pose Render)

What’s more, we’ll have a new two-player set that pits the evil Empire of Dust against the morally ambiguous Ogres. This along with all existing two-player sets for Kings of War will include the new “Big Red Book” (From 24th October). Much like A Storm in the Shires this will be a fantastic way of getting two pretty much brand new armies plus the rules to play them, great for existing gamers and new recruits alike.



We close out 2022 with a selection of releases for various Kings of War armies, including: 

  • Salamander Ghekkotah Slasher 
  • Salamander Clanlord on Firedrake 
  • Orc Chariots/fight wagons 
  • Empire of Dust Sandborne Wyrmriders Regiment 

(Concept Artwork)

That’s right folks, we’re finally releasing the Salamander Slasher that we teased way back in 2021! Great news for those that want to run Rakawas, The Pale Rider in their Salamander army.  

As you can see, 2022 closes out with some great Kings of War releases and 2023 is already shaping up to bit incredible too… particularly if you’ve already read our Twilight Kin blog. 

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