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Dungeon Saga Origins – More Reasons To Join The Adventure!

12th Apr 2023

Jonny Mann

Hey Folks,

Now some of you may have seen that we have launched a new dungeon crawler and some of you may have thought “It’s not for me” or “The sheer amount of stuff you get still isn’t enough, I want more!”

Well in today’s article, we are going to take a look at what else has been added to the pledges since the start of the campaign (it’s a lot), why it’s such great value and why you’d be mad as a box of Mawpups to miss it!

Daily Reveals

So far we have seen 14 days of reveals, some including more than one reveal! These include brand new heroes to play with, amazing new enemy sculpts and huge new Bosses to battle against. On top of that, we’ve upgraded cards, tiles, you name it!

That’s not all, our great backers have also unlocked the Digital Overlord, allowing you to play full solo or co-op without the need for someone playing as the Overlord.

And they have also unlocked the German and French language packs, so it can be purchased in those languages. The Spanish and Italians are not far behind, so if you want it in one of those languages back now to be counted towards the target goal and tell all your friends!

So as you can see, we have added quite a lot to what was already a big ol’ box of goodies, so those on the fence have reason to jump on over!

Still not convinced, well there’s more…


We have a whole heap of great Add-Ons for you to purchase, some of which you may be interested in even if the game itself is not for you.

These Add-Ons are great for those wishing to just pick up some cool new models, or those that wish to have more models for the game, maybe you’re a teacher or a scout group wanting to give each child their own hero! Maybe you just can’t get enough Goblins in your life.

Run RPGs and want some amazing sculpts to represent your characters? Play Kings Of War and can’t wait to get your hands on some new Twilight Kin? Or maybe you just can’t turn down the opportunity to grab some Terrain at a great price!

Head on over to the Kickstarter page today as we are sure they’ll be something for everyone! 

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