Today we delighted to announce the official launch of the new and improved EasyArmy website! EasyArmy is to the go-to method for creating your Kings of War army lists, without having to resort to pen and paper like some sort of Neanderthal. Over the years, EasyArmy’s creator Gregg has done a fantastic job in making a superb resource for Kings of War players around the globe – but with Third Edition we wanted to work with Gregg to make it even better.

However, before we move onto the improvements, we wanted to talk about one of the big optional changes we’ve made to Easy Army… subscriptions. In the past Gregg has relied on donations to keep EasyArmy up and running and, although there was a relationship with us here at Mantic, it was a bit more loose and basically involved us sending Gregg army stats when we had the chance and he updated the site and lists, along with other tasks.

With the New-and-Improved-EasyArmy™ this relationship has become a lot closer and we’ve worked with Gregg to make the whole thing much better. Of course, just like before, EasyArmy is still free to use, so when you need to quickly work out a list or send your list to a tournament organiser it’s there for you and doesn’t cost a penny. However, by subscribing for just $2 a month (less than a coffee) or $20 a year (about the same as a trip to the cinema), you can unlock a whole bunch of great features.

The closer working relationship and subs means that both Gregg and the team here at Mantic will work together to develop the New-and-Improved-EasyArmy™. It will be updated with new stats when Clash of Kings is released, for example, and there are plenty of other exciting things in the pipeline. What are the benefits of subscribing then? Well, you get:

  • Early access to new units and armies
  • Save up to 100 lists
  • Custom unit names
  • Army notes
  • Descriptions of Special Rules
  • Late validation for faster builds
  • Send list to Tournament organiser
  • Custom sorting

Again, the standard website will still be free to use, so there’s no need to worry if you still need that $2 for your coffee budget each month.


Ok, so now let’s delve a little more into the version you’ll get when you subscribe.


First up, you’ll get this screen where you can name your army and choose the rules for building the list, e.g. points value and how strict the validation is.


Next, is the lay out. As you can see, the initial unit stats look just like the Third Edition rulebook. You can also give units custom names in the subs version – perfect for remembering which units have magical artefacts, for example.


After choosing your unit, the stats are then laid out in a similar fashion to the old EasyArmy. You can see the custom name underneath each unit too, along with any extras you’ve added to the unit.


If you need to go back into a unit to amend it, just click on the little plus and you’ll switch to this screen. Once you’re finished, just click update and it’ll switch back to the previous screen.

When you’ve finished adding all your units, you can ‘view’ the army and then print it out. All this is very printer friendly.


On the subs version, you’ll also get all the Special Rules and Spells underneath the stats on the print out/PDF.

Alongside the option of being able to print your list, there’s also the option to send it straight to a tournament organiser.


Finally, once you’ve finished your list, it will automatically be saved as one of your Saved Lists. You can find all your Saved Lists on the home screen when you log-in. These can then be edited to your heart’s content.


It’s also worth noting that the New-and-Improved-EasyArmy™ is far more mobile friendly. This means you can be tinkering with your tournament lists on the go or, let’s not kid ourselves, more likely on the toilet.

So, there you have the lowdown on the new and updated EasyArmy. It’s still the EasyArmy you know and love (and still free to use), but the subscription model will allow us and Gregg to keep improving the service and build on the great foundations we’ve got already.

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